BJP is Doing Political Corruption, said SP Leaders Akhilesh Yadav


Few moments after Amit Shah set his foot in Lucknow; two MLC leaders from opposition have resigned from the Samajwadi Party and one leader from the BSP has also resigned from the party. Amit Shah has landed in Lucknow for the 3 day organizational visit.

The leaders who have given their resignation are Bukkal Nawab and Yashwant Singh from Samajwadi Party and Thakur Jaiveer Singh from BSP.  Speculations are being made that SP MLC Madhukar Jately might also resign from the party but no official news has come out.

The leaders gave explanation to why they have left their respective parties:

Mr. Yashwant Singh, used the nationalism plank to justify abandoning Samajwadi party  and said that, “Since that day I developed a feeling that it would not be morally right for me to continue in the party whose national president called India weak, and does not have desh prem, but love for China.

Mr. Nawab said he resigned as he was feeling “suffocated” in the SP over the last one year. Criticizing the functioning of the party in recent times, he said the SP reflected an arena more than a party with an organization. “They should not call it the Samajwadi Party but Samajwadi Akhara (people’s wrestling arena),” he said.

Amid of all the resignation game in UP, Former CM and SP President Akhilesh Yadav made several allegations against BJP. Akhilesh said that efforts are being made to buy legislators, councilors. While expressing his views on the resignation of the leaders, Akhilesh Yadav said that, “Political corruption has taken place in Bihar. NDA used to talk about DNA, you see yourself. DNA and NDA have same letters. While passing Sarcastic comment on Nawab’s decision Akhilesh said that, not many days had passed since the Shia leader had treated him with sewai on Eid. “Bahut mithi thi sewai. Abhi Eid gaye kitne din guzre.”

Akhilesh blamed BJP for doing political corruption and has said that, BJP is trying to lure the leaders to come into their party. Akhilesh Yadav has said that, Modi government will get an answer for their doings from the public, as this government is failing in fulfilling the promises that they have make during the elections.

On the other hand Mayawati also expressed her grief on the resignation of MLC leader of their party and said that, “After Goa and Manipur, and most recently in Bihar and Gujarat, the BJP was now trying the same manipulative tactics in UP through misuse of State agencies like CBI and Income Tax department to run a campaign to paint its opponents as corrupt.”


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