Indian-Origin Man Robs Petrol Pump Employee in Singapore


An Indian origin man has  robbed a petrol pump employee at knife point in Singapore. This is the first such incident in a decade, the police said. The police said,”A 48 years old man Visvanathan Vaduvelu fled  1,193 Singapore dollars  in cash from the Shell situated at 219 Upper Bukit Timah Road, on Monday. They said, he threatened an employee with a sharp knife and ordered to place money from the cashier in a plastic bag.

The Police said that the incident that took place in  daylight was the first case in 10 years.
News Asia Channel reported that Visvanathan Vaduvelu  has been charged for  committing armed robbery and  should have to face  maximum of 10 years in jail and 12 strokes of caning, if he was found guilty. The Police were alerted after the suspect fled the petrol station on a scooter at around 12:50 PM. A customer of the petrol station tailed him for a short distance but he run away before the customer  informed the police.

The suspect was wearing a helmet during the robbery. The robbed Shell employee, a 22 year old woman remembered the colour of his clothes. He was arrested on the same day of the robbery along Jurong East Street 21 at about 4:50 PM. Police seized about 500 dollar in cash and some bank receipts and a scooter. Along with the outfit, a black T-shirt a pair of long black pants, a  jacket,  a motorcycle helmet, a pair of sunglasses were  collected by the police as evidence.

However, the police said that the weapon like a kitchen knife  was not recovered as the suspect dropped it as he was fleeing the crime scene. His next hearing will be held next week for now was remanded without bail. This was amoung the first two armed robberies in Singapore. According to the Channel, early hours on Tuesday, another armed robbery took place at a Western Union branch in Ubi estate. The suspect took more than 2000 dollar from Western Union employee at knife point  and fled on foot. According to media reports, still, he was  at large.


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