SWAYAM Providing Free Training For 11 Lakh Unqualified Teachers


RTE Amendment Bill 2017 was passed in the Parliament to give a final chance to these teacher test, around 11 lakh teachers appointed at that time were asked to acquire their minimum qualification by March 2015.

When the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act was implemented in 2010, new schools were set up but qualified teachers were not available and unqualified teachers, as the minimum eligibility criteria for appointment of teachers came into action,including those with graduation degrees, were recruited to carry out the academic activities.

According to the amended bill, till 2019 the teachers will now get time to acquire the prescribed minimum qualifications for firming up their appointments. If the teachers fail to clear these examinations by then, they may lose their jobs.

The same bill was earlier passed in Lok Sabha on July 22, 2017. This bill was brought by the government in order to let these teachers complete Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) and other professional degree. The government verifird the information regarding private schools:

  • It was found that 7 lakh teachers lacked basic qualification.
  • And around 1.5 lakh (teachers) who have completed one year of training
  • Besides, there are around 2.5 lakh teachers still in government stream.

So, there are somewhere around 11 lakh teachers in total who are without proper qualification.

Due to the following reasons, the government will offer free education to these teachers by Swayam Platform from October 2, 2017. And the information regarding this are as following:

  • The registration process for the same will commence on August 15, 2017
  • The registration process for the same will end on September 15, 2017.

In the current scheme of  ‘Swayam Prabha’, teachers will not only be trained offline but also online and even through direct-to-home (DTH) television channels. There will be a moderate registration fee and course material will also be given in hard copy as well as in CD, while 12 days’ face-to-face training in a year has also been planned.

In an ongoing debate in the Rajya Sabha, Prakash Javadekar Human Resources Development Minister said, “With everyone’s support, we will train 11 lakh teachers within two years. …A foolproof system been created to train teachers. We have taken support of all states.” He also informed the same through Twitter.

It has been very long that someone has thrown light on the evergreen topic, the poor quality of teachers and government schools, it was informed that Ministry has thought of five initiatives to address the problem.

  • The learning outcome for school children has been codified and defined
  • A handbook been given to schools and a poster will be put in schools by month-end
  • Parents also will be given the same so that they are aware.

To keep the things on the track some members have been assigned the job to visit schools in their constituencies and see if they witness any change. Other than that in the absence of systematic evaluation of children of Class 5-8, many schools have become midday schools.

Therefore, the exams will be held now. Other than the census and election duty, no other non-academic work will be assigned to teachers. Another Good News Awaited: a four-year integrated teachers training course is in the process of implementation and is expected to be launched soon.


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