Uttar Pradesh: Making Marriage Registration Mandatory for Muslims


President of the All India Muslim Women Personal Law Board (AIMWPLB) Shaista Amber said the government’s decision was a step in the right direction. “The marriage registration certificate will remain as a proof of marriage, and it will also help family members of bride and groom as well as their children,” Amber said.

The Uttar Pradesh Cabinet’s approval to a proposal making registration of all marriages, including the Nikaah, mandatory has been largely welcomed by Muslim organisations in the state.

Welcoming the decision, AIMWPLB general secretary Rabia Sandal said it will go a long way in ensuring social security for women. “This is certainly a good move by the Uttar Pradesh government and we welcome it,” she said, the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) said there should be no provision that unregistered marriages are equivalent to no marriage.

All India Shia Personal Law Board appreciate the decision and made it mandatory registration of all marriages, including the Nikaah, taking place in the state. Yasoob Abbas, spokesperson for the All India Shia Personal Law Board said“It is certainly a good move, and we welcome it wholeheartedly. We believe that this decision will definitely boost the social security of women as many of them after marriage were forced to suffer and face social stigma because of their husbands deserting them.”

However, AIPMLB member Zafaryab Jilani said, “See, we have no problem in making registration of marriages mandatory. But, at the same time, there should be no provision which says no registration mean no marriage.” The Uttar Pradesh Cabinet on Tuesday gave its approval to a proposal making registration of all marriages taking place in the state mandatory.

“After the Uttar Pradesh Marriage Registration Guidelines-2017 got implemented, all will have to be registered the marriages taking place within the state or where either of the parties is a permanent resident of Uttar Pradesh has to register it,” said the state government.

In a normal Nikaahnama, there is no provision to put a photograph of the bride and groom, Rabia Sandal said.UP cabinet minister Siddharth Nath Singh said, “People from all religions were consulted. People from a particular community said that in Nikaah, there is no photo. The government said that if you have no objection in putting your photo on the Aadhaar card or voter I-card, then why not this.”


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