Delhi Court Imposed Rs 10,000 as Costs Against Medha Patkar "Narmada Bachao Andolan Activist"


For the repeated failure to appear in front of defamation cases filed  Delhi court imposed Rs 10,000 today as costs on NBA activist Medha Patkar  by her and KVIC Chairman V K Saxena against each other.

Metropolitan functionary Vikrant Vaid granted one last chance to the Narmada Bachao Andolana (NBA) activist, it is the last warning that he would dismiss her grievance if she again did not seem. “Why does one need to try and do this (case) after you cannot come back to the court?” the functionary asked. “A last and final chance (is being) given and price is obligatory,” the functionary afore said once Patkar’s counsel Pawan Madan submitted that she was on a non violence in a very village in Madhya Pradesh.
Saxena’s counsel Mahipal Ahluwalia opposed the plea for her personal exemption, alleging that she was deliberately not showing and if she wasn’t well then however was she on a non violence.
The court noting that Patkar didn’t seem on the last date still, afore said she has voluntarily” gone on nonviolence and if she doesn’t seem on succeeding date of hearing on 17 August, her grievance would be laid-off.

Her counsel, conjointly submitted her written report, mentioning that she was unwell and unfit as she was on a nonviolence. However, Saxena’s counsel afore said, “She ne’er turns up. They (Patkar and her supporters) manage everything for TV bytes.” He sought-after dismissal of the case filed by her against the cloth and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) chief.

In addition to that the court also warned her on 26 June to be “careful in future” otherwise she may can face a non-bailable warrant issued against her for non-appearance. The court had in Gregorian calendar moth 2015 conjointly obligatory fine on Patkar for non-appearance, giving her “the last and final opportunity,” Patkar, had sought-after exemption from look on afore said she was attending a protest in Madhya Pradesh village and had not been ready to get a confirmed ticket to return to metropolis, to that the court and had absolutely incumbent upon her by her own created arrangements as it was necessary underneath the Code of Criminal Procedure.

The court had taken robust objection to her absence, oral communication the grounds taken were “not convincing” and didn’t inspire confidence. Saxena, President of Ahmedabad-based organisation National Council for Civil Liberties (NCCL), and Patkar areinvolvedin a very legal battle since 2000 once she filed a suit against him for business advertisements against her and therefore the NBA. Patkar had filed a defamation case against Saxena, WHO successively, had filed 2 lawsuits against her.


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