Donald Trump, Frustrated by Afghan War, Suggests Firing US Commander


About the war in Afghanistan Donald Trump’s doubts has led to delay in completing a new US strategy in South Asia that include a suggestion that the US military commander fired in the region,  said the US officials.

On July 19, during a  meeting in the White House, Trump demanded that his national security aides provide information on what the official called the end state in a country that the US has spent 16 years fighting against the Taliban without any end.

The meeting become stormy when Trump said that James Mattis  of Defense Secretary and Joseph Dunford, the Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman  who is a Marine general and he should consider the firing Army General, John Nicholson who is the commander of US forces in Afghanistan for not winning the war. According to the officials who spoke on condition of anonymity, he told, “We are not winning.”

He added as the meeting concluded that Steve Bannon, the US chief strategist got  what one official called a shouting match with White House national security adviser HR McMaster,  over the direction of US policy.

The officials said,” with that condition some officials left the meeting stunned by the president’s  complaints that the military allowed  United States to lose the war. Mattis, McMaster and other top aides are putting together the answers of Trump questions  to get him to approve the strategy.”

Top aides another meeting is scheduled on Thursday. Earlier this year Trump gave  the authority to deploy US military forces to  Mattis, as he sees fit in fact the defense secretary plans to add around 4000  US troops to the 8400 at present that was deployed in Afghanistan and being caught up in the strategy, the officials said.

A senior administration official said,” It has been contingent informally all along  the strategy that is being approved.”

Trump has long been a skeptic of lingering US involvement in foreign wars and has expressed little interest in deploying military forces without any proper plan that  what and for how long they will do.

The Officials said, ” The Trump argued that the United States demanded a share of Afghanistan’s estimated $1 trillion in mineral wealth for the exchange of its  Afghan government’s assistance.”

The officials noted that without securing the whole country there is no way to get the country’s mineral riches to market except to Iran. However,  the officials said,” the Trump complained that the Chinese are profiting from their mining operations.”


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