How Women are Being Used by Pakistan and China to Honey Trap Indian Army Officers


The Indian agencies have raised an alarm over again and again attempts by the Pakistan and Chinese agencies to the honey trap Indian officers with the help of attractive women. On the other hand, the intelligence agencies have issued a warning to the officers to be alert of such attempts, according to the information available with India Today. A top source told India Today that “An intelligence warning has been issued to the forces asking them to spread awareness among their men again such attempts by the enemy operatives”.

The eye-catching women of Pakistani, Chinese origin speaking fluent Urdu, English have been deployed to put a trap for the Indian officers. Going by the reports, the internet habits of Indian officers are also being tracked by the intelligence agencies. Most importantly, the officers who are using smartphones of Chinese origin are mainly on the look for.

Here’s the Modus Operandi

The Urdu speaking Pakistani woman or English speaking Chinese girl will a make target first. After setting their targets, these girls will initiate their contact with their target with the help of Facebook or Whats app. In this whole honey trap, the women will seduce the officer through Urdu Shayari or flowery Hindi. After completing the sweet-talks over the call for some days, the woman will organize a meet up at some restaurant, shopping mall or coffee shop with the targeted officer.

In the just very first meeting, the woman lures the officer by offering him the sexual favor. Notably, every bit of it is being secretly recorded. The secret meetings keep on going for a few days with the woman, who claims herself to be rich, lonely and an unsatisfied housewife. After all of it, the woman later uses the video recording of her intimacy with the officer to blackmail him and gather the serious information from him about the armed forces and much more.


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