China Raises Toll to 20 Dead in Quake in Southwest Mountains


The Chinese monitors say that they have detected multiple landslides in the region  but there is no major building collapses after a powerful earthquake in the  southwest mountainous region in which at least 20 people were killed and  431 injured.

On Thursday, the official Xinhua News Agency and state broadcaster CCTV said, Under the Chinese Academy of Sciences Remote Sensing and Digital Earth Institute drew the conclusion from  the collected satellite image after the  earthquake of magnitude 6.5  struck at Tuesday night.

The Authorities raised the death toll from  one to 20 and said that around 200 persons were injured on Thursday. The local authorities said, Two local residents and six tourists were known to be  dead and 18 people had serious injuries.

The state media said,” more than 60,000 people have been evacuated from the area amid continuing aftershocks.”

According to Xinhua, a French citizen was wounded in both legs and needed surgery to remove stone and a Canadian woman suffered from a head injury.

The place that is listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO, has recorded the more deaths and injuries in Zhangzha township near Jiuzhaigou national park in Sichuan.

The earthquake knocked out electricity and sent soldiers  down steep onto blocked roads, while  its photographers reported extensive damage to scenic sites which include spectacular waterfalls, lakes and karst formations, Xinhua said.

The rescue effort  improved to emergency for response preparations that enacted after Aba Tibetan and the Qiang Autonomous Prefecture that includes Jiuzhaigou and was struck by a massive earthquake that killed around 90,000 people.

The Geological Survey of US  measured the   magnitude of earthquake at 6.5 and said it struck that it a depth of  9 kilometers and the Shallow earthquakes has caused more damage than deeper ones.

Another strong earthquake struck on Wednesday morning in the northwestern China at 2,200 kilometers from Jiuzhaigou in which 32 people were injured and two of them were seriously injured. That quake had also damaged more than 1,000 houses.

The CCTV  footage said,” around 10, 500 people had been moved to emergency shelters from the damaged buildings.”


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