15 August Preparation on, UP Cheif Minister Yogi Adityanath Wants it to be Recorded


In Uttar Pradesh, this year the Yogi Adityanath government wants all madrasas in the state to record video of events organised on the occasion of Independence Day.

On 15 August, A circular asking is made in which provision had been made by all madrasas for videography of events organised issued by the UP Madarsa Shiksha Parishad. If we talk about the past days, same like others madrasas also were directed to hoist the national flag and recite the national anthem. This is reportedly the first time that they have been asked to organise cultural programmes on Independence Day. Uttar Pradesh Madarsa Shiksha Parishad has asked the government and also to madarsas to pay tribute to freedom fighters and organise cultural programmes on August 15.

Welfare officers states that along with photographs, videos be shot of the events about the circular events issued by UP Madarsa Shiksha Parishad to district minority . The officers would have to get the videos shot at all madrasas and keep with them. At present,

  • Around 8,000 madrasas in Uttar Pradesh are recognized by the parishad
  • Among these, 560 are fully aided by the state.


  • At 8 am Flag hoisting and recitation of the national anthem to take place.
  • Tributes to be paid to freedom fighters.
  • Cultural event to be organised on the theme: national unity.
  • Sweets to be distributed among children at the end of the event.

Sources said that in the past, some madrasas had argued that their students know only Urdu and were not fluent in Hindi. The parishad, within the circular, has conjointly sent the text of the anthem in both Hindi and Urdu. Other than this it has been ordered by the government that that  minority welfare department a fore mentioned that events would have to be compelled to be videographed, as there had been allegations within the past that some madrasas had not hoisted the allegory on legal holiday.


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