Toilet: Ek Prem Katha Movie Review, It Will Make You Laugh, Sense and Understand


First half: 3.5/5 Stars
Second half: 2.5/5 Stars
Overall Rating: 3/5 Stars

Watch it or miss it: One should watch the film for the beautiful attempt to raise a serious issue that we all must know about.

Star Cast: Akshay Kumar, Bhumi Pednekar, Anupam Kher,  Divyendu Sharma, Sudhir Pandey, Rakesh Sharma.

Director: Shree Narayan Singh

What’s good: A very strong message despite some flaws, honest performances, and really hilarious moments in the first half.

What’s bad: Too many unwanted songs, Slow screenplay, lacks its innocence in the second half.

Loo break: Not really! But you can prefer in many boring songs.

Toilet: Ek Prem Katha: Story

The name ‘Toilet: Ek Prem Katha’ itself says everything that the film is all about. It is a love story with an important issue of open-defecation in India. The story is about the Keshav, played by Akshay Kumar, a 12th failed 35-year-old bachelor who’s vigorously entrapped by his father’s traditional rituals. Jaya, played by Bhumi Pednekar, who is full of life and not give a damn about the world girl is purely opposite of the Akshay’s character. Hence, it’s proved that two opposites attract and that’s what happens with these two purely different personalities in this film as well.

The story takes a big turn when they both get married and she gets to know that there is no toilet facility in Keshav’s house and she has to go for the open-defecation. After this incident, Keshav makes sure that he’ll go against the years-old tradition and fights for it with his dad’s (Pandit Ji) long-established ideology to make toilet facility at his home. There are many funny scenes in the first half to enjoy and beautiful dramatic scenes that you will enjoy when you’ll see this film. The story of this film is very simple yet the strong message of it makes this Akshay Kumar starrer very special.

Toilet: Ek Prem Katha Review: Star Performances

We loved Akshay Kumar as Keshav and the 49-year old actor performed his character with calmness and full honesty. He lived his character gracefully and gave a performance that we all will remember him for. He is funny, emotional at times, and even makes you fall in love with his good deeds to fight against long-established Indian traditions. There are some dramatic scenes in the film where Akshay performed so beautifully and strongly that you will have moist in your eyes. If you are an Akshay Kumar fan, then you just can’t miss this film. Akshay Kumar’s accent of an Uttar Pradeshi is also very impactful and looks very real.

Bhumi Pednekar is the surprise package of this film. She as Jaya looks so simple and real that every girl would be able to attach to her character and the issues that every Indian girl faces. She looked so real in this de-glam role and her screen presence will make you fall in love with her acting skills if not anything else. She played a role of a simple girl who knows what is wrong or right and fights for it as well. From her beautiful expressions to her dialogue delivery, she was the best in every department.

Divyendra Sharma adds icing on the cake with his spectacular performance. There are many scenes between Divyendra and Akshay that are really hilarious and heart-touching as well. Anupam Kher as Bhumi Pednedkar’s grandfather gave justice to his role who’s always interested in watching the Sunny Leone films. He has not too much to create magic, but yet he’s good in the film. Sudhir Pandey played the role of Akshay’s father in this film and he is amazing in this film. He will annoy you through his character and that’s where he hits you.

Toilet: Ek Prem Katha Review: Direction and Music

The film is directed by Shree Narayan Singh and he has done a fine good but great at all. There are many flaws in the film that one can easily notice, but thanks to some amazing scenes that will not make you realize again and again.  Talking about the screenplay, it is really very boring and slow at times. There are some scenes in the film, which are for no reason and drag the screen time only.

The music of this film is the biggest setback for it as there’s no soul in it. Music is given by Vickey Prasad, Manas-Shikhar and Sachet-Parampara and that’s not good at all. Talking about the background music by Surender Sodhi, it is good enough to bear.

Toilet: Ek Prem Katha Review: The Final Word

There is no doubt in it that it is an honest attempt to raise a serious issue through the film of which still many people are unaware. Yes, there are many flaws in this film, but you will enjoy some hilarious and dramatic scenes of the film. It will surely make you laugh, think, believe and understand about an important issue of defecation in the open. And in conclusion, one must watch this film for the purely honest performances of Akshay Kumar, Bhumi Pedenkar, and Divyendra Sharma.


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