50% OFF in the Metro Fare on 15 August, Benefit to Smart Card User


This Independence day is really going to be very independent for the Delhi people, as the passengers of Delhi metro will be having 50% off for their journey on 15 August, 2017.

As on the 15 August, the metro tains will remain off for few hours (till 2 pm) which will result in the passengers inconvenience, But on the other side the passengers are benefited with the less fare in comparison to the other days.

In the Indian history this is the first time Delhi metro will be providing 50% off to their passengers.

In May 2017, after 8 years the metro fare was drastically increased, one of the Delhi Metro officer Dayal said – fares on Sundays and national holidays – January 26, August 15 and October 2 – will be lower and calculated on separate slabs.

passengers travelling from 5 to 12 km distance will get more benefits, on present time they are paying 20 Rs for the said distance, But on 15 August they have to pay only 10 Rs for the same distance.

Passengers travelling between 0 to 12 km will be paying 10 Rs on 15 August, as normal days they pay 15 Rs for distance between 2 to 5 km and Rs 20 for the distance between 5 to 12 km respectively.

Passenger will be getting such type benefit only twice in a year, first on 15 August second on 26 January.

Recently the Metro rides in Delhi has become much costlier, which was again take to take its hikes on this coming October, But as per the recent discussion among the officeres it has been decided that the fair of Delhi metro will be lowered soon. The passengers are most is the 60% hike in the 15-km slab – most people travel this distance for work daily – from Rs 18 to Rs 30.

Arvind Kejriwal said that it will “adversely affect regular passengers” The Aam Aadmi government led by  was quick to oppose the hike.

Anuj Dayal, the DMRC spokesperson said that from October 1 the fare structure will change again when the minimum fare for travelling a distance of more than 2 km will go up by another Rs 10.

On the daily basis it is estimated that 2.8 million passengers travel daily on the capital’s metro – one of India’s most modern and punctual public transport systems – that crisscrosses the city through a network of underground and overground tracks. Another 140 km will be added to the existing network of 213 km by the end of this year, according to DMRC officials.


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