South Korea, Chin Mark 25th Anniversary of Diplomatic Ties


According to the statement issued by the South Korean Foreign Ministry, On Thursday, the South Korea and the China  marked the 25th anniversary of their bilateral relations. Presidents of both the countries Moon Jae in and Xi Jinping, and the Foreign Ministers Kang Kyung wha and Wang Yi has exchanged congratulatory messages and stressed  on the importance of their bilateral relations.

President Moon touched on the progress made since the diplomatic relations were established on 24 August, 1992. While the China’s President Xi Jinping said that the ties have brought the substantial benefits to the people of both countries according to the reports of Efe news. The Chinese President expressed the hope that the two nations can manage their differences and strengthen their relationship in a healthy manner. Despite of this decades of diplomatic tensions of Seoul recognising the legitimacy of Taipei and Beijing of Pyongyang, the fall of the last military junta  led to a progressive rapprochement in South Korea that eventually culminated in 1992  and established the  diplomatic ties.

After that the bilateral relations have  been gradually strengthened, especially in commerce  area in which China  is being considered as a one of the main trade partners of South Korea. In rows the Beijing and the Seoul have been engaged over the US anti missile system “Terminal High Altitude Area Defence (THAAD)”, which prompted China to impose a  boycott of South Korean interests after  installation of the system in spring.

While the United States and the South Korea said that the system is installed on South Korean territory and is designed to intercept North Korean missiles. The China believes that its deployment has only escalated tensions in the region.  The China also considers the system as a threat to its security and fears that its powerful radars could be used to get important  information from its military facilities and has warned that it would take measures to protect its interests.


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