Vivegam Movie Review: Ajith and Siva get Satisfied Result for their Efforts


Vivegam movie cast: Ajith, Kajal Aggarwal, Akshara Haasan, Vivek Oberoi
Vivegam movie director: Siva
Vivegam movie rating: 3 stars

The greatest fan of Thala Ajith is Director Siva, Nobody can match him when it comes to admiring Ajith and his looks. So much so that he has made a film called Vivegam spending more than Rs 100 crore. With highly-skilled assassin Ajay Kumar, the film opens  (Ajith) leading a one-woman mission to secure a tool that contains details of activating a weapon of mass destruction. He worms into the enemy lines and wreaks mayhem.

At the top of the primary action sequence, before jumping off the long-lasting Contra Dam, Ajay mouths the favoredpunchline – “Never ever, give up.” simply once his enemies assume that they need got him boxed up, he accomplishesone thing not possible and completes the mission with success. that’s the gist of the film. Vivegam is all regarding the exploits of 1 man, United Nations agency will ne’er be overwhelmed.

Ajay is a master at many things and he is a flawless character, you name it

  • Be it searching
  • killing his target
  • riding cars and bikes
  • or helping his wife with cooking in her restaurant

An exemplary human being that you cannot help but adore him. From the start to the top, Shiva has been consistent in taking part in up all the goodness in Ajay, that when it slow causes you to snooze. Into the film for concerning half-hour, it seems like, “yes, affirmative we tend to perceive he’s a spiritual being in human kind. will we tend to please get to the story already?”

While he can read his targets if they are lying or not, he cannot identify the backstabbers in his team masquerading as friends. Ajay has a heart full of love and trust for his wife and friends but he may be a killer. And that’s the main reason for his downfall.

Both are top officials of an international spy agency. (Vivek Oberoi) Aryan Singha is Ajay’s teammate but more than that he is Ajay’s brother from another mother.At least, till he determined to empty his gun into Ajay’s back. Let’s say it’s a conglomerate of spy agencies of the planet. Ajay is tasked with a mission to search out hacker Natasha, United Nations agency features a new face once undergoing a facial surgery. She has the keys to activate nuclear weapons which will cause artificial earthquakes in anywhere on earth.

Well, as we know Ajay is the right man for an impossible task, he finds her and soon forges an intimate bonding with her. And things go haywire as Ajay finds out he just got played. Natasha (Akshara Haasan) gets a subtle but more interesting introduction in the film. She carries the information worth billions of dollars in two hard disks. And it has nearly become impossible for operatives to track and nab her.

It was only a matter of time Aryan turns against him, one could have guessed it. Ajay now rises from the ashes and seeks retribution against those who wronged him.

Ajay contains a lovely partner, Yazhini Kumar (Kajal Aggarwal). Yazhini may be a terribly duteous partner, Who understands her husband’s life is often on the road. And keeps line him to understand his well-being. And Ajay never misses respondent her calls, even in a very high-speed chase. Before the top of the primary half, Ajay answers Yazhini’s phone once he’s hanging on to a branch of a tree as he’s being unemployed at by his new enemies. He guarantees her that he can come back to her alive. So, he does. It’s really funny once you return to consider it. despite WHO you’re or what scenario you’re in, you need to answer the phone once your partner calls. Period. Even once you square measure dying. Period.

Ajay gets shot multiple times within the back. But, rather than desperately seeking the emergency medical facilitate, he goes on doing high-intensity workouts on the snowy mountains to vasoconstrictor pumping ‘Thala Viduthalai’ track in preparation to fight his enemies, however he survived the bullet wounds is rarely explained.

Vivek falls wanting invoking any feelings within the audience. He backstabs his shut friend and tries to bomb Republic of India. But, still, we have a tendency to don’t hate him as a result of he’s invariably complimentary Ajay and the way. Even once he’s defeated once more and once more, rather than ruing over his failure, he finishes up loving Ajay. which makes his character utterly unreal.

It is Ajith’s show all the approach. His look and onscreen attractiveness facilitate audience disregard serious logical follies within the writing because the titles rattle off at the tip of the film, the audience is shown the sub-rosa videos shot throughout the action sequences. And one will see the hassle that has gone into creating this fancy film. Ajith and Hindu deity get full marks for his or her efforts.

Vivegam has sensible music, sensible visuals, high-voltage action sequences, picturesque landscapes and exquisite faces. Conjointly add moving moments between the characters of Ajith and Kajal to the list. If you’ll be able to overlook flattery, tangential emotions and groundless logic, Vivegam may be a sensible popcorn individual.


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