12 Students of AIIMS got Suspended for Ragging Juniors: Ragging is a Crime


Hazing in the educational institutions, Ragging is a practice similar to it.  The University of Grants Commission of India in 2009 imposed regulations upon Indian universities to help curb ragging, and launched a Toll free ‘anti ragging helpline’.

The All Republic of India Institute of Medical Sciences has suspended a dozen students for 3 months over ragging, within the initial such step by India’s premier clinic. Five of the culprits were finding out MBBS whereas the remainder were paramedical students.

According to sources, a first student has been badly scraped and is receiving treatment. Ragging on India’s college and faculty campuses has over the years angry dozens of scholars to kill, constitute depression, or leave illustrious institutes that few will get into.

The suspended students will not be allowed to attend classes for three months. Five of the culprits were studying MBBS while the rest were paramedical students. A doctor said “It is shocking to know that such incidences are still happening and that too in a prestigious institution like AIIMS,” as previously in 2009, AIIMS had removed two seniors from the hostel for two months after they were caught ragging juniors.

The issue received international attention in 2009 once 19-year-old Aman Satya Kachroo died once allegedly being cowed by four seniors at a medical faculty in Himachal. His father took the come to the Supreme Court and managed to urge an order fitting parameters on ways in which to forestall ragging.

Once the victims complained to the anti-ragging cell of the institute and after that only the incident at AIIMS came to the notice of authorities.

A senior official at the medical, on the condition of obscurity, told Mail nowadays, “The terribly recent incident is going on around 3 days back once senior MBBS student vexed a minimum of 3-4 first year MBBS students. Another case of ragging was detected among students of BSc practice and master’s degree students who were found to possess indulged in ragging.”

The AIIMS administration has issued strict directives to examine ragging, as per the sight of the incident, the protection guards are asked to stay vigil on students, said the official.

“Looking at the terribly sensitive matter, we tend to fashioned the anti-ragging committee at AIIMS during which director, deputy director (administration), dean and registrar took the choice to suspend the scholars for 3 months from all tutorial activities and hostel facilities,” he said.

“A sizable amount of personal security guards would be deployed within the institute. they’ll keep a watch on resident doctors, senior and new medical and nursing students.”

Another senior AIIMS official talked about the ragging came about at the boys’ hostel wherever first students were forced to perform embarrassing acts.

“In this complete unhappy incident, one student got scraped once he tried to safeguard himself,” he said. “MBBS first student allegedly committed suicide in 2015, a 17-year previous at her hostel space within the field by hanging herself, that police suspected was a case of ragging.”

Ragging is now a crime, so as per the Supreme Court guidelines,  which can subject the culprit to following punishments:

  • Jail for period ranging from Six months to Ten years
  • Fine up to Rs. 50,000/-
  • ‘The student had indulged in to ragging’ will have Embossing of certificates which will: – Adversely affect career prospects.
  • Opportunities to go abroad for the students will be adversely affect on whose certificates it would embossed that he/she had indulged in to ragging as a result they will not get passport and Visa.


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