Loss in Punjab due to Baba Ram Rahim Verdict: Some Questions to the Administration


As the CBI special trial court in Panchkula convicted Dera Sacha Sauda chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim in a raping case of two female followers, the violence erupted quickly after the verdict was announced. One petrol pump and part of a train station purportedly been set on fire in Malaout in Punjab. The Chief Minister of Punjab, Captain Amarinder Singh, appealed again to the public to maintain the peace in the state. But the real scenario is that the violence is spreading rapidly and it may make the situation worse in the coming days.

More than one lakh followers of Dera chief Ram Rahim entered Panchkula in the last two days. The army is also on standby in Haryana at the request of Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar. As of now, 5 already dead in clashes in Panchkula and Ram Rahim’s supporters are making the situation worse. The media people were attacked and their live broadcast vans were also smashed. As many as 350 trains from Punjab have been canceled. Delhi is on high alert. Hundred of public vehicles were set up to fire. The violence is just increasing like anything.

Here are some of the questions we want to ask our Indian government and intelligence agencies:

  1. Why did the government fail to plan the law and order situations in the Haryana when the court warned them?

The law and order situation have failed badly again in our country. Isn’t this a shame for all of us? Why Haryana government failed again to plan properly? When did they know that the violence situation could arise, then what was the Haryana government was doing? This is a complete failure of the Haryana government and they have done once again, especially after the Jat agitation. It looks like that the Haryana government is really not capable of taking care of the law and order situation in the state. This time it is a complete failure.

  1. Is Indian Government still sleeping?

We were expecting rigid actions from the Indian government. Such losses are not easy to bear for anyone. It has become so easy in our country to create a riot-like situation. Our government knew a week before that 25th August is the date when things could out of hand, but they failed miserably. This was the time when the Indian government had to take strict actions to take care of the general public, but are they doing that? I don’t think that the government had planned properly anything on this issue. If they can’t take care of the security of the public, then what really are they capable of?

3. Can we expect strict actions on Dera head Gurmeet Ram Rahim’s goons?

It is the time for the government to take any step to stop those goons from destroying the public property and take care of the general public. We are expecting our government to go anyway to stop self-made God Rahim’s goons. This matter is very serious, but looks like that the government took it in a very casual way. From Haryana to Punjab, the reports of violence are just increasing and it is the time for the government to make every single effort to maintain the law and order situation. Our army, police and all the security agencies have to use weapons to stop those goons otherwise they will lead the situation to its worst.

4. The administration really ordered enough force to tackle the situation or not?

Earlier this week, more than 200,000 followers of Dera Sacha Sauda chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim entered Panchkula. Are there any steps that administration took on this or was they took the situation carelessly? How will the administration tackle the situation when they’ll not have the enough force to handle it? It was very important at least in Haryana to have more than enough force to handle the situation in any case. The Indian government was sleeping and same goes for the state government as well. The state government must have asked for the forces as per the chances of conditions that could arise in the state. The Indian government could not handle these kinds of law and order situations lightly.

5. Is the government prepared following the day sentence of Gurmeet Ram Rahim will be announced?

The court will announce the quantum of a sentence of Gurmeet Ram Rahim in rape case on Monday (28th August). The big question is, now that is the government ready to tackle the situation after this weekend. The so-called followers of the Dera Sacha Sauda chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim are going to create a riot-like situation again following the court’s announcement on the quantum of sentence. Is the Indian government ready to tackle the situation or they’ll fail miserably just like they failed today? Is Haryana Chief Minister is going to plan something to control the law and order situation or not? It is the time for the Indian government to take every rigid action to stop this violence, which has increased many states already.


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