Explosion near US embassy in central Kabul


Today, a suicide bomber blast himself up on a busy street near the US embassy in central Kabul in which four people were killed and several others were injured, the officials said.

In a series of deadly attacks that hit the Afghan capital, it was the latest that comes three months after a massive truck bomb ripped in the same area and killed about 150 people.

A spokesman for Afghanistan interior ministry, Najib Danish told AFP that the today’s explosion happened outside a private bank in the central market.

The blast happened  on Tuesday early in the morning  when many officials were expected to be collecting their salaries ahead of Eid holiday this week.

The private institution Kabul Bank  which is hit by the blast pays the salaries of  all the security forces personnel and government employees.

The broadcast images on Afghan television showed exterior mangled of the bank.

Waheed Majroh, the Health ministry spokesman said,” 1 dead body and 8 wounded people had been brought to Kabul hospitals so far.”

The blast occurred in a street which is lined with shops and  the banks leading to Massoud Square near Kabul’s diplomatic area and the United States embassy.

There was no responsibility but the Taliban insurgents are at the peak of their summer fighting season and have launched many deadly assaults.

Since, the NATO forces ended up their more than a decade long mission in Afghanistan at the end of 2014. The police have struggled to the resurgent the Taliban while facing the menace of the Islamic State.

Deadly assaults

It was the latest explosion to rock the Afghan capital and comes a week after United States President Donald Trump committed American soldiers to Afghanistan.

The blast which targeted the foreign forces, on 3rd May near the US embassy and NATO headquarters and killed at least 8 people and 28 were  wounded during morning hour.

Later this month, a massive truck bomb tore through Kabul diplomatic quarter, the presidential palace and foreign embassies host in which about 150  people were killed and  around 400 people were wounded and most of them are civilians.

Around seven people were killed after suicide bombers attacked the funeral of a protester on 3rd June who was killed  during a demonstration against insecurity in Kabul.

After Trump paved for more US forces to be sent to Afghanistan. The Taliban ruled the war torn country from 1996 to 2001 and vowed to turn it into a graveyard  foreign forces.

The Afghan authorities has welcomed Trump decision and the Pakistan officials batted away the claims from the US president that Islamabad continued to harbour the militant sanctuaries.

The Pakistan has postponed a visit by a US diplomat who had been arrived on Monday. For South and Central Asian Alice Wells the delegations led by the Assistant Secretary of State was set to be the first major visit, since Trump comments.

According to a statement, later the Pakistan announced the talks with China special envoy on Afghan affairs where the Chinese official lauded the Pakistan contribution and  the sacrifices made in the fight against terrorism.

Also, the IS insurgents have  carried out a number of deadly attacks in Kabul and they claimed a suicide bomb and gun attack on a Shiite mosque in which  28 worshippers were killed.

Earlier this month, they killed two in an attack on the Iraq embassy.


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