17 Dead, 18 Missing in China Landslide


Around 17 people have been buried down under the landslide and 18 others have been declared missing after a landslide unleashed a torrent of 600,000 cubic meters of the rock on a village in the south western China.

This landslide occurred at around 10.40 AM  in Zhangjiawan Township in Guizhou Province of Nayong County in which 34 households were badly damaged. The rescue operation had also been affected due to the heavy rain and avalanche of mud and rocks has covered the area of around  5000 square meters.

More than 2000 personnel in which  police, firefighters and medical staff  are also included are at the incident scene. According to The Global Times report, 20 life detectors, 17 diggers, eight drones and more than 90 emergency vehicles were used in the rescue operation.

While, the county governments has allocated 2.5 million yuan as relief fund. The authorities said,  The governments also sent tents, quilts and rice in relief fund and the rescue team has successfully evacuated 195 people. The landslide hit a village in neighboring Yunnan in which three people were declared dead and five injured.

The landslide occurred at 09.45 AM in Yingpan, Zhaotong. However, recent typhoons are the results of past few weeks rainstorms in Guizhou and Yunnan.


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