Dehradun Case, Wife Chopped into 70 Pieces Found Guilty, Sentenced to Life in Jail


On Friday a man found guilty and was sentenced to life in jail, in case of chopping up his wife into 70 pieces and then storing her components during a Deepfreeze .

The man, named Rajesh Gulati, a software engineer on Thursday was found guilty of murder by a court in Dehradun, seven years when he committed the crime.

On October 17 seventeen, Gulati, then 37, smothered his 36-year-old wife, Anuparna, then used an electrical saw to cut up her body in their two-room rented house at Prakash Nagar in Dehradun encampment. The couple had twins World Health Organization were four years at the time of the crime. Gulati and Anuparna moved to U.S.A. after getting married in 1999. They came back to Dehradun in 2008, after that their relationship deteriorated. The couple would usually fight. Anuparna suspect Gulati of getting an extramaritial affair with a lady from Calcutta.

On the night of October seventeen, the two had an argument and Gulati slapped his wife, following that she hit her head on the wall and fell unconscious. He was afraid that she would rouse and file a police grievance, he stuffed her nose and mouth with cotton before employing a pillow to smother her Gulati then purchased an electrical saw and sliced up his wife’s body into 70 pieces. He then stuffed up polyethylene luggage with the body components and hold on them during a electric refrigerator that additionally he bought after the murder. He began to lose the polyethylene luggage one at a time, at varied locations on the outskirts of town.

The man continued to try to to this for 2 months till someday Anuparna’s brother Sujan Kumar Pradhan landed up at his sill having not detected from his sister during a lasting. Pradhan became suspicious once Gulati refused to let him enter the house.
Pradhan then filed a missing person grievance at the Dehradun encampment station. Police after raided Gulati house and recovered cut off luggage with Anapurna’s body components, together with her head, from the Deepfreeze.


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