Trump to Donate $1 Million for Harvey Flood Relief Operations: White House


Today the White House said that the US president Donald Trump will donate $1 million of his personal money for the relief operations of the flood affected area in Texas and Louisiana which is hit by the catastrophic Hurricane Harvey.

The Hurricane Harvey has brought the heaviest rainfall in US history by soaking  Texas with more than 52 inches. last Friday it  first made landslide and then the heavy flood and rainfall hit in Texas.

As a result  this  around 38 people have been killed in devastating floods and the number was increasing day by day as water receded.

Sarah Sanders, the White House Press Secretary said,” Proudly, he will pledge one million dollars of his own personal money for the help of people of both Texas and Louisiana and he is looking for the best and most effective suggestions on the way to help and provide aid to affected peoples.

She said, “I had the  chance to speak with the president and I am happy to tell you that he would like to join in the efforts that a lot of the people that we have seen across this country do and he is donating a million dollars of personal money to the  relief fund.”

Sarah Sanders also said,”On Tuesday,  Donald Trump travelled to Texas for a first hand assessment of the situation. He would return to the Houston area over the weekend.”

Trump said, “It looks like around 1,00,000  homes were affected and That is a big number. We are going to have 1,00,000 affected homes and all of them were with different degrees of insurance. Some of them are with flood insurance, some are under insured and some  were uninsured.”  Last Friday, when Harvey hit the disaster relief fund had $3.2 billion on hand and the Trump Administration would ask Congress for a responsible supplemental request for more funds.

He said,” We will shortly make that request on the basis of the information that we have. What we will do then is come back later for a second supplemental request when we have additional information that would make a more informed total for Congress to consider.”

Weather reporting site Accuweather had estimated the Harvey’s cost at $160 billion by making it as the costliest natural disaster in US history.  Joel Myers, who is  AccuWeather president called Harvey as 1000 year storm and said  that the parts of Houston will be uninhabitable for  many weeks or months. About 1800 evacuees have been moved to hotels and more than  30,000 people took refuge and 200 are in shelters and other longer term housing options, the Administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency said.


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