Committed to Support India's Fight Against Black Money: Switzerland President


Doris Leuthard, who is the President of Switzerland  said ,” the country is committed to support India’s fight against black money through exchange of some related information.”

On Friday night she said this during a ceremony at the Swiss Embassy, at the celebrations commemorating the 70th year of diplomatic relations between India and Switzerland.

Leuthard said, ” India is our good friend and  in last seven decades  we have listened to each other given advice and learned a lot from each other and all these were the foundation on which our relationship stands today.”

she said, ” our country is committed to support India’s fight against black money through exchange of related information and now this year we await the approval in our Parliament.”

During her four day  visit to India the Switzerland President held bilateral talks with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on a wide range of issues which mainly consist of combating black money and cooperation in various sectors.

Till 2018, the 70th year celebrations will be held and as a part of the inaugural event she felicitated several Friendship Ambassador on the last leg of her trip, from both the countries which include economist M S Swaminathan.

She emphasised on the business trade ties between India and Switzerland and said that over 250 Swiss companies are operating in India, while 140 Indian firms have presence in Switzerland.

She said, ” Day by day our trade volume is growing and now, the main sectors on which we can collaborate and worked together are railways, film and tourism, design.”

The Swiss president said, “I thank India for this friendship.”

On the occasion of 70 years of journey of the two nations two short films were also screened  in Switzerland.

The Ambassadors from several countries, representatives from the business, art and other sectors were also among those who attended the event  which is hosted at the sprawling garden of the Swiss Embassy.


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