BRICS Summit Live Updates: Win-Win Situation for India, BRICS names LeT, JeM, al-Qaeda as Terror Concerns


The BRICS summit 2017 started with the theme of ‘Stronger Partnership for a Brighter Future’. The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, arrived in China to attend the meet in which leaders of countries like Brazil, China, Russia and South Africa will also participate. The Ninth Edition of BRICS summit will be wrapped up on September 5. PM Modi is expected to meet Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday at the end of the BRICS summit for the very first time following the decision of the two-month long confrontation in Doklam along the Sikkim border over the construction of the road by the Chinese troops.

Here are the Live updates:

2.00 pm: “We express deep concern over the ongoing tension and prolonged nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula, and emphasize that it should only be settled through peaceful means and direct dialogue between all the parties concerned,” condemned the BRICS leaders in a statement regarding North Korea’s recent nuclear test.

12.45 pm: Forward to the commencement of the Summit, hosted by China, leaders from Brazil, India, South Africa and Russia arrived in Xiamen on Sunday. The leaders met for a general session where they talked about international significance issues. They released the declaration after the meeting in which they criticized every form of terrorism and manifestations. The leaders of the BRICS showed their concern over the security condition in the region, plus violence by Pakistan-sponsored groups like Jaish-e-Mohammad and Lashkar-e-Toiba.

12.20 pm: In the ninth edition of BRICS summit, the leaders condemned terrorist attacks that took place worldwide, also that happened in BRICS countries. Condemning the terror activities in each and every form, they stressed that there can be a way to digest any act of terror. They sternly cleared that anyone who’s responsible for organizing, committing or supporting terrorist acts must be held accountable for it.

11.46 am: “We deplore terrorist attacks worldwide including attacks in BRICS countries, condemn terrorism in all its forms,” said the BRICS statement.

11.15 am: The Prime Minister Narendra Modi meets Russian President Vladimir Putin ahead of the BRICS summit.

11.06 am: The Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the BRICS summit in Xiamen discussed North Korea’s recent nuclear test on Sunday as the North Korea claimed on Sunday that they have “successfully” tested its sixth and most potent nuclear missile.

10.00 am: The PM Modi said that the BRICS nations have collaborated in various areas such as sports, energy, agriculture, environment, and culture. He added that the countries are in “mission mode” to eliminate poverty and promote food security, education, sanitation, health, gender equality, and energy.

9.50 am: The Russian President Vladimir Putin talked to Japanese PM Shinzo Abe on Sunday about the North Korea’s recent nuclear test, and insisted him to control his reaction. The AP reports that as per the Xinhua news, the two leaders concurred to hike military cooperation between them.

9.40 am: The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, started addressing the leaders now. He also thanked President Xi for the warm welcome and the exceptional organization of the summit. “BRICS has developed a robust framework for cooperation; it has contributed to stability and growth in a world drifting towards uncertainty. I am confident that Brics will scale new heights of partnership. Technology and innovation are the foundations of next generation,” PM Modi said. He also said that support is vital for peace and development and that will play an important role in progress.

9.22 am: Prior to his trip, PM Modi said in advance in his Facebook post that he will be holding discussions with the leaders of nine countries, including the BRICS partners. “India attaches high importance to the role of BRICS that has begun the second decade of its partnership for progress and peace. BRICS has important contributions to make in addressing global challenges and upholding world peace and security,” the PM Modi said.

9.18 am: When PM Modi landed in Xiamen on Sunday, he was welcomed by the Indian community in China.

9.15 am: The Chinese President Xi Jinping said that China will contribute $4 million to the New Development Bank project, which assembles resources for development projects in BRICS countries and other surfacing economies. He added that the money will be used to help business operations and long-term development of the bank.

9.12 am: Xi started giving the opening address, who is also the host of the BRICS summit 2017. He said that the cooperation between the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) nations is very important today as the world is suffering “profound changes”. “Despite our differences in national conditions, our five countries are in a similar stage of development and share the same development cause. We should speak in one voice and jointly present our solutions to issues concerning international peace and development,” Xi said.

9.10 am: On the sidelines of the meet, PM Modi is expected to have discussions with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Brazilian President Michel Temer later in the day. He is expected to hold talks with Xi by tomorrow, which will be the second time when the two leaders will face each other since the Doklam standoff in Sikkim began.

9.00 am: The Chinese President Xi Jinping welcomed our Prime Minister Narendra Modi earlier today at the International Conference Center, where the summit has taken place.


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