Massive Landslide Hits National Highway near Shimla, Several Vehicles Buried


A titanic landslide happened on the Chandigarh-Shimla National Highway today, which concealed six parked vehicles under debris. In a video released by the ANI, it clearly shows how the incident took place as one can clearly see a portion of the hill collapsing and far-reaching away many cars that were present on the road.

Shimla Landslides

As of now, there have been no casualties reported in the incident. A police official told news agency IANS that “A portion of the cliff opposite the temple near Bhattakufer caved in. Boulders rolled down and smashed six-seven vehicles parked along the highway”. It took place near Dhalli Tunnel, which is close to Shimla. The Deputy Superintendent of Police, Rajinder Singh, said to the reporters that three people were saved from the spot. That area where the incident took place has been enjoying heavy rainfall from the last three days. The police, on the other hand, diverted the traffic through Sanjauli, on the edge of Shimla.

Shimla Landslides


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