Sultan Ahmed (TMC MP) Died due to Cardiac Arrest, Today


Sultan Ahmed TMC MP died today in Kolkata because of cardiac arrest, at an age of 64. When he was taken to hospital where doctors declared him dead.  He represented the Uluberia Lok Sabha constituency.

Mamata Banerjee CM of West Bengal offered condolences to the bereaved family and tweeted, ‘Shocked and deeply saddened at the passing of Sultan Ahmed, sitting AITC LS MP and my long term colleague.’

She later on further added by saying that, ‘This is not the age of death. Sultan was tensed about Narada case. I heard that when his body was taken to his home CBI has sent a letter at that time also.’

Even the PM of India Narendra Modi also tweeted condolences on Ahmed’s death.

In the Narada sting caseCBI was interrogating Sultan Ahmed. As per gained iinformation wecome to know that the CBI agency had asked Ahmed to appear before it today.

Subrata Bakshi accused the central govt for maligning Ahmed with the inquiry about the TMC leader and state transport minister, Subrata said that, “Central govt made him socially isolated in the name of inquiry. And for that reason he is not able to cope up with mental pressure.  He was even physically manhandled by certain sections of media and CBI. Due to same reasons in recent past the wife of MP Prasun Banerjee died.


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