UN Says 87,000 Refugees Arrive in Bangladesh from Myanmar


On Monday, the United Nations said that Around  87,000 refugees which include  mostly the Rohingya refugees have arrived in Bangladesh since the violence erupted in  Myanmar on 25 August 2017.

Many stateless Muslim minority peoples have fled the Buddhist nation and poured over the border, since, the latest fighting broke out and feeling pressure on the overcrowded camps in Bangladesh

The UN report said, Around 20,000 peoples were massed between Bangladesh and Myanmar’s western state of Rakhine border  and waiting to enter in the country.

10 days ago as the latest round of violence began the Dhaka stepped up border controls .

But in recent days, the Bangladesh border guards appeared to be allowing the refugees to enter. The UN said that the recent arrivals reported that there had been no attempt to prevent them from crossing the border.

In the last five years, Rakhine has been divided along the ethnic and religious lines but yet, the current violence is the worst.

In makeshift boats the scores of people have drowned to cross the Naf border.

Near the border area most of the new arrivals have been crammed into camps,  where the UN said that the local people were helping the relief effort.

However, Since 2012 when the riots were erupted the Rakhine has been crucible of religious violence. The Scores of Rohingya were killed and thousands of people from the majority to the Muslim minority were forced into displacement camps.

The latest violence was erupted when Rohingya militants attacked remote police posts in which 15 officials were killed and  many villages were set on fire.

The Army chief of Myanmar has said that nearly 400 people have died and then including 370 Rohingya militants.

The Myanmar security forces have launched clearance operations to sweep out insurgents whose ranks appear to be swelling as male Rohingya villagers join their cause.

Rohingya Rights groups allege massacres in  the remote villages which is led by Myanmar police, troops and ethnic Rakhine Buddhist mobs.


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