Modi Supporting BRICS by a Statement "To Make a Better World – Brick by Brick, or Through BRICS"


The anticipation of BRICS is still in the air, Prime MInister of India Narendra Modi recently visited the 2 day programe of BRICS. The BRICS word stand for the 5 countries namely (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) and in this discussion 5 other counties were also invited as the guest- Egypt, Tajikistan, Thailand, Mexico and Kenya – attended the dialogue.

Today on pitched Prime Minister Narendra Modi formed an organised and coordinated action on counter terrorism, as per him there are 10 commitments through which BRICS leadership for global transformation can be achieved.

“BRICS Emerging Markets and Developing Countries Dialogue”, as per him, its organised by China on sidelines of BRICS Summit as an outreach exercise, Prime Minister Modi had pursued its own aspirations for growth and inaddition to it he also assured India’s partnership with fellow developing countries.

PM Modi made a remarkable statement in the situation by saying “Whatever we do, will impact the world substantially. So, it is our solemn duty to make a better world — brick by brick, or, through BRICS…” .

He further added that “BRICS driving the global transformation in the next ten years I had spoken about it to be a Golden Decade. I suggest that this can be brought about with our proactive approach, policies and action.”

The prime minister said he was pleased to exchange perspectives with them on the shared priority of achieving comprehensive sustainable development by describing these countries as “close and valued” partners of India and thanked President Xi Jinping for bringing the countries together. He said that BRICS, which represents almost half of the humanity, can achieve global transformation with a proactive approach, policies and action based on ten “Noble Commitments”. The commitments include creating a safer world by organised and coordinated action on at least three issues — counter terrorism, cyber security and disaster management.
The prime minister also included creating a greener world in the commitments suggested by him and taking concerted action on countering climate change through initiatives such as the International Solar Alliance. Other noble commitments were —
  • Creating an enabled world
  • Creating an inclusive world
  • Creating a digital world
  • Creating a skilled world
  • Creating a healthier world
  • Creating an equitable world
  • Creating a connected world
  • And creating a harmonious world.

He also noted in meeting that their developmental goals in education, healthcare, communication and disaster management shold bemore as India had launched the South Asia Satellite for the benefit of willing regional partners.

He also talked about the, India’s flagship initiative that for over half a century, Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation (ITEC) has offered training and skill development to 161 partner countries from Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, Latin America, Caribbean and Pacific Island states.

“And, in all of this, our ‘no strings attached’ model of cooperation is driven purely by the requirements and priorities of our partner countries,” PM Modi added.

Talking about sustainable development goals India’s national review of as per the UN’s ‘2030 Agenda’, the prime minister said the bedrock of the country’s development agenda lies in the notion of ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikaas’ (with all, for everybody’s development).

He said “In a time-bound manner our programmes are geared to accomplish these priority goals . To cite just one example, our three-pronged approach:

  1. Firstly of providing a bank account to the unbanked
  2. Secondly providing a biometric identity to all
  3. And thirdly using innovative mobile governance solutions

It has enabled direct benefit transfers to almost 360 million people for the first time” .

Prime Minister Modi said the country stands ready to play its part by maintaining that India would like to see such domestic efforts buttressed by strong international partnerships, “With fellow developing countries India has a long tradition of partnerships, while pursuing our own aspirations for growth. We have shared our experience at every step and resources across a range of sectors: from strengthening democratic institutions to deploying high-tech solutions for public good,” the prime minister said.


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