The North Korea Fusion: Casus Belli for the World


Whenever this author reads about the strides of development in the field of weapons of mass destruction, the horrid experiences that this author gathered from the numerous documentaries and books this author went through.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear experiments were those that imposed all the rational nations with an obligation to mitigate all the prospects of such an escalation of tensions between nation which may create another dark spot on the name of humanity.

The Hiroshima and Nagasaki bomb droppings and the persistent threat of nuclear warheads falling into the hands of terrorist corporations,

The intensity of the twin explosions by nuclear bombs in Japan may not be very conclusive to its after-math, but this may show how effective would be the North Korean destructive invent!

the proliferation in the nuclear black market have led to two major conventions that were adopted in the UN.

The treaty on Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons and Treaty on Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, have not been ratified by many states, in fact the latter has not been ratified by any member state so far. The Cold War always kept cold because both the nations understood the limits of escalation and refrained from letting the world into darkness, but the protegĂ© of China, North Korea, ruled by a ‘mad-man’ despot, Kim Jong-un doesn’t seem to realise any moral of human existence. The North Koreans were found to be dealing with the Nuclear Missile Man of Pakistan, Mr AQ Khan, who smuggled the technical know-how and much more to the North Koreans during the 1990s.

On this Sunday at the high noon the US Geological Survey registered a 6.3 magnitude earthquake at North Korea’s Punggye-ri test site, which was caused by the detonation of a hydrogen bomb with a yield of 100 kilotons. The bomb at Hiroshima was a fission bomb with the yield of about 15 kilotons!

The Nuclear bombs function with two principles of nuclear interference which is devastating. The fission process is easy to be carried out which gets triggered by a simple bombardment, while the fission process that was deployed by the Korean Hydrogen bomb was one thought to be impossible as it was assumed to be the exclusive domain of the Sun. The North Koreans used a fission reaction to trigger the fusion of Hydrogen atoms to create one of the deadliest bombs in the world and that with the world’s one of the most trust deficit nation!

The Kim Jong-un or the ‘madman’ used it as a threat to counter the American/ Trumpist rhetoric of blockading and isolating North Korea and use force if need be to ‘cure the rogue of the world’. China has not responded to the act so far but being a patron of the world’s most bewildered Communist nation, the implications are deeply political.

It is a tactic of those in power to threaten a not-so-friendly ally by using his enemy to dole threats to its not-so-friendly ally. The Americans and the Chinese find themselves in a tug of war over dominance both globally and regionally.

This is a sheer clash of interest where Americans feel being left out, while India finds a patron which helps to overshadow the Chinese dragon by trying to maintain the balance of power in the South Asian region.

China and North Korea have a deep friendship with the Pakistan and the Russians. The Pakistani and North Korean nuclear programme and defence trade has been a bone of contention, while the UN has been imposing stricter sanctions on the North Korea.

The visit of the North Korean Minister for Civil Supplies in 2015 expecting a food aid was declined by India because of their closeness Pakistan, specially on defence and nuclear fronts.

The North Korean experiment may pose serious threats for the multi-polar world today, and it definitely creates an imbalance in the regional balance of the South Asian continent.

The Chinese dragon tailed by its hydrogen blasting ‘madman’ may sound a concern for all the peace-loving nations of this region and may try to mount pressure upon others to accede to the demands of the economically superior China.

North Korea and Pakistan deep love over nuclear and warfare technologies may pose a threat for India,

"Pakistan North Korea Nexus"
Mr A.Q Khan catalysed the transformation of North Korea into owning a nuclear arsenal, now the arsenal gets bigger, what’s in it for Pakistan now?

which may find itself threatened by a failed state with a Hydrogen bomb. The North Korea is the king of black market of weapon systems and products, in fact it is accorded the credit of being the world’s largest exporter of arms and ammunition in the black market.

This not only touches the South Asian continent but the entire world may head towards a destabilisation when the North Korean leader, who is apathetic to the needs of the humanity, may propel the situations which may be dealt with peacefully to extremes, and aid the black market of arms to flourish.

The sanctions and embargos are not the solutions to such an insensitive attitude of the North Korean leadership, but it calls for a collective assimilation and involvement in the global politics through dialogue and able negotiation skills.

Mr Xi Jinping might one day leave the One Belt Initiative for a day and think about the One World initiative seriously, then the world will be definitely a better place to live, and the global leadership of the Chinese will be worth an applause.





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