Army Chief Bipin Rawat Warns India to Prepare for Two-front War with China and Pakistan


Indian Army Chief General on Wednesday says that India should be prepared for a potential war with China and Pakistan. He stated that Indian Army is high on psychic force but there is a shortage of men. ACC. to him, the situation could be worst on the northern border of the country. China flexing its muscles and Pakistan takes the advantage of it.
The Army Chief warns that Indian cannot let down its guard on either of the two fronts. In a seminar which is conducted by Defence think-tank Center for Land Warfare Studies, he said that India fought two wars with Pakistan and one war with China in 1962. They used Nuclear weapons, the weapons of deterrence. But it is also true that they will not allow nations to go to war because nuclear weapons don’t help prevent war.

He said that the army of China and Pakistan is crippled by the lack of basic necessities, shortage of weapons and ammunition. BS Jaswal, Lieutenant General of former northern army commander says that the color of orange rifle’s put s soldiers in risk. General have complained about the orange stock and 5.56mm butt of the rifle. A senior officer recalls that a few years ago an infantry unit lived in Northeast bought sandbags to protect soldiers tents from its own money.

Amry Chief Bipin Rawat

14 men were burnt alive and total 18 soldiers were dead because of incendiary ammunition. Jaswal said that we are running 15 years back, there is lack of artillery guns. Only one vendor has complete the requirements of the army out of two tenders for 44,600 carbines and 4,097 light machine guns.

Lieutenant general Rajendra Singh says that government should give the highest importance to arms buying procedure. There is shortage of officers and men and this is a big issue rather than equipment shortage.

Lieutenant general HS Panag, a retired army commander points that training of soldiers is more necessary than the shortage of equipment.

There are 3,500 soldiers in the army but only a few of them can pass the test of taking a body shot at 1,000 meters and a head shot at 600 meters. So, soldier’s training is the biggest need at that time.

The council of Defence minister has given 145 ultra light (M777) for Rs 4,600 crore, 814 artillery guns for Rs 15,750 crore, 118 Arjun Mk-II tanks for Rs 6,600 crore and 420 air defense guns for Rs 16,900 crore.

It will take at least one decade for some weapons to materialize.Two years back, the homemade Arjun Mk-II tank suffered from a critical setback. Now, DRDO is also looking for a missile to be fired from the main gun of the tank.
The senior officer says that most of the schemes are to be implemented by 2027 and the force should be totally prepared for any mission.

Recently the shortage of ammunition has been fulfilled to some extent. The force requires more than 350,000 new bullet proof jackets but only 50,000 jackets are provided.

The army is necessary to upgrade the strategy against China to war and the government must make no comprise in the strategy and funds which are required. A former army retired vice chief lieutenant general Philip Campose says that there is an immediate need of 1,000 older t-72 tanks and combat vehicles. The soldiers have to speed up the modernization of shields too.

Campose said that government should also upgrade the air defense systems and improve the night fighting capabilities.


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