Christian Medical College, Vellore: Is Leaving 99 of its 100 MBBS Seats Vacant This Year


Out of 100, 99 MBBS seats vacant this year in the premier Christian Medical College in Tamil Nadu’s Vellore has decided to leave . The century old minority institution is seeking rights to select NEET qualified students through its own counselling.

However, the move by the Doctors has not been backed by the Doctors action is not the right move as it is counter-productive to the very need of the country’s healthcare needs.

The college says it caters to 180 mission hospitals in rural and remote areas across the country where on completion of the course, doctors are required to serve for two years on low salary. Currently, committees set up by the central and state governments select students through centralized counselling.

A soldier’s son who the centre nominated for MBBS, the college has admitted just one student – and another nominee for a super specialty programme which has 62 seats.

The Principal Dr Anna Pulimood, said that “Many students we choose are from poor background in remote areas and they go back and serve in those areas. High marks alone don’t guarantee willingness to serve. We accept NEET. We select students from all over the country with exceptional social concern, to serve and help and who have demonstrated empathy.  As a minority institution we believe we have the right to choose among qualified candidates fulfilling our vision.”

Dr G R Rabindranath, General Secretary says “As a developing country, we need more UG doctors and super specialty doctors also. At this juncture stopping admissions to these courses is a great loss to the health care delivery system of India”.Doctors Association for Social Equality says CMC’s action may not be the right option.

Stopping admissions is not only taking away the right of the students but also in contention with the high demand of MBBS and Super Speciality doctors in the developing country like India. The doctor went on record to say that at this juncture, The move, the General Secretary states, is a direct impediment to the ‘healthcare delivery system’ in the country.

The Supreme Court last year, exempted the college and it had admitted students through its own counselling. Citing CMC’s admission process is much older than the Medical Council of India, CMC authorities say the top court is likely to give its verdict in October and if the court permits the remaining seats would be filled.

The principal further added that, “In the past the Supreme Court has repeatedly held that our admission system to be fair, transparent and non-exploitative.”

The apex court has in the past validated, college has confirmed that also the admission process of the college and that it is hopeful of a positive verdict. CMC Vellore from centralized counselling has gotten the exemption from Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court is expected to give the verdict in October and in case of a positive resolution, till now the college has decided to leave the seats vacant.

However,  the Principal has assured that the admissions would resume. With the annual fee of INR 3000 for MBBS seats, CMC Vellore is a self-funded institution with much lower than even the government medical colleges. Inadvertently effect have been causing due to a ripple effect as the delay in the admission would result in the state already reeling under multiple NEET controversies.


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