Powerful Hurricane Irma hits first Caribbean Islands


In recorded history Atlantic Ocean  hurricane made its first landfall on the islands of the northeast Caribbean on Wednesday while churning along a path.  The Dominican Republic, Haiti and Cuba  heading for Florida over the weekend.

The National Weather Service report said,” At around 01:47 am the eye of Hurricane passed over Barbuda .” And the Residents said,” over local radio that phone lines have been went down. The heavy rain and howling winds raked the neighboring island of Antigua, sending debris flying as people huddled in their homes or government shelters.”

The Officials warned people to seek protection from Irma’s onslaught that closed with  the quotes that “May God protect us all.”

Hurricane Irma

According to the US National Hurricane Center in Miami, the storm had maximum sustained winds of 185 mph. On Tuesday, Its forecast  was for the winds to fluctuate but for the storm to remain at Category 4 and 5 strength for the next two days. The most dangerous winds were forecasted to pass near the northern Virgin Islands just north of Puerto Rico through the day.

Antigua resident Carol Joseph said as she finished her last trip to the supermarket before seeking shelter, ” I hear a Category  5  wind and now I am terrified, I had to come back for more batteries because I do not know how long the current will be off.”

On 108-square mile  island peoples live in low-lying areas with their friends and relatives  in schools, churches and community  on higher ground. However, the shelters have yet not been tested by Category 5 winds.

Homes in Antigua and Barbuda are not built on concrete foundations and was poorly constructed  wooden roofs that are susceptible to wind damage. Many other islands that are in the path of the storm included the Anguilla, the Virgin Islands.

The authorities in the Bahamas said that they would evacuate from southern islands and the US President Donald Trump declared emergencies in Puerto Rico, Florida and the US Virgin Island.

The National Weather Service said,”  Since 1928, Puerto Rico had not seen a hurricane of Irma’s magnitude Hurricane San Felipe, as that killed  2748 people in Guadeloupe, Puerto Rico and Florida.”

Puerto Rico Government Ricardo Rossello said,” The dangerousness of this event is like nothing we have ever seen and a lot of infrastructure would not be able to withstand this kind of force.”


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