Digvijay Singh Tweets With Abusive Words to Criticize PM Narendra Modi


On Friday Digvijay Singh posted an abusive meme taking a dig at the PM Narendra Modi and his “Bhakts ” (followers) on Twitter to criticise the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Digvijay Singh is a member of Rajya Sabha Parliament and General Secretary of the Congress Party.

Digvijay Singh wrote “Not mine but couldn’t help posting it. My apologies to the person concerned. He is the best in the “Art of Fooling!” along with a meme. The meme has a picture of PM Modi with two abusive sentences which are:

1. Bhakton ko Ch** banaya
2. Ch*** ko Bhakt banaya

Singh’s tweet drew a severe flak on the micro blogging site. Some people tweeted back with nasty replies because they couldn’t,t fathom that how a former CM could post such an abusive post on social media.This tweet has sparked a violation on Twitter as many find it abusive, offensive and not in good taste. Yogesh Mandhani @yogeshmandhani tweeted back that He was the chief Minister of a state and this is the cheap level of a General Secretary of a National Party.

Vaibhav.Deshpande‏ @VaibhavDeshpa tweeted that  Kitna giroge? he put a question on Digvijay He tweeted that a responsible Neta u r called. At least try to know what you are posting? Shame on you. This shows your and yours party narrow-minded thoughts.

Miss Aarya @whsitleblower tweeted that When an elected representative tweets something like with word ‘ch****’ in it, this cheap tweet tells a lot about his character, leadership, and vision.

The Congress politician is legendary for foot-in-mouth disease. In August, last year while speaking to reporters, he referred to Pakistan-Occupied-Kashmir as India-Occupied-Kashmir. He referred to terrorist Osama bin Laden as “Osamaji” and Hafiz Saeed as “Saheb” in the past. Digvijay Singh described party colleague Meenakshi Natarajan as “sau tunch maal” which loosely translates to “desirable object” or “sexy” in 2013. Later, he said that his remark meant “pure gold” and threatened legal action against TV channels for wrongly reporting it.


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