The Scuttling of Freedom in India


The murder of Ms Gauri Lankesh, an activist, an ideologue and a fearless vociferous individual who never shied away herself from the truth, is a shameful event that took place in our country.

Ms Gauri Lankesh.

The cherished values of our nationhood, which form the core of our values also are being thrown away at the feet of some radical individuals who believe violence and threat has the only meaning to earn respect.

The world is seeing the collective consciousness of the nation flowing from peaceful rhetoric to one of bashful extremism. The ideas of liberty of thought and freedom of expression are enshrined in our Constitution, even the most despotic rulers of all times, Ms Indira Gandhi could also not get past with the will of the public-spirited people like Ms Lankesh.

The incident of shooting Ms Lankesh in her own home by bike borne assailants that too in a Congress ruled state does not speak of one party or ideology endorsing crimes.

It will be worth mentioning that several journalists have been made to meet with the same fate as those of Ms Lankesh by every regime that has ruled.

The crimes against people in the name of religion, caste and identity are not new, they have been prevalent, it is though now that they have gathered the concerned TRP, which makes the media to report on those incidents.

Our focus does not lie to find out who was murdered and why, but rather why at all one involved with the profession of expressing one’s thoughts and mass communication targeted after Mr Kulbargi was targeted?

He was shot dead at his home for questioning idol worshipping!

One BJP MLA from Kanataka was quoted as saying that Ms Lankesh wouldn’t have got herself killed if she did not write against the RSS. I am sorry but is he trying to tell me that, RSS is the Taliban of India and BJP is the political outgrowth of the radical organisation?

Cow vigilantism, this author is amazed to see that the number of cows that stroll on our street chewing plastics when the vigilantes are busy in bleeding the persons who are not even dealing with cows, but under what authority?

Where does one get such authority from to take the law in their hands and try to enforce it based on their own assumptions and create a ruckus out of the entire situation?

What kind of a system takes 24 years to bring an accused to justice?

It is my right to live in a free atmosphere and nobody teaches us to eat what, think what, write what, and speak what unless found to be against the public policy or immoral.

The act of killing Ms Lankesh is strongly condemned and all the Journalists must make it a resolve to stand together.

The beating of Kanhaiya Kumar in the sacred precincts of the court is still a dark spot and brings to the fore as to how the radical thought penetrates deep into the psyche of people from noble professions, it is shameful.
Lawyers clash among themselves before Kanhaiya Kumar, the president of the students’ union at the country’s premier Jawaharlal Nehru University is produced at a Delhi court, in New Delhi, India, Wednesday, Feb. 17, 2016. Dozens of lawyers, many with links to India’s ruling nationalist party, clashed Wednesday with protesters demanding the release of the student leader arrested under India’s colonial-era sedition laws. (AP Photo/Tsering Topgyal)

The law must take its recourse in a time bound manner, and if there is no law, then what else is to anarchy that is left of, and how are we better than Pakistan or any other radical nation?

The extremes of any political or social ideology are not fruitful to make a growing society strong, and usher in Modi ji’s New India.



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