Gurgaon Rayan School Murder Case: Father Demanded for CBI Probe, Says Manipulation in Investigation


On Sunday night HR head Jeyus Thomas and Francis Thomas, regional head of the group, were arrested under section 75 of the Juvenile Justice Act. On Monday, Police will produce them at the Sohna court. The two were arrested following pressure by protesting parents and opposition to act against the school for alleged lapses, on Friday which led to the murder of the class 2 student in the school toilet.

Ram Bilas Sharma Haryana Education Minister had earlier indicated that his government was not averse to ordering a CBI probe into the murder. The father claimed that the investigation into the killing was being influenced a seven-year-old boy murdered at the Ryan International School and that the school was attempting to hide something of it. The family plans to approach the Supreme Court in order to request a CBI probe after the murder of theirs son.

Ryan School Muder Case, Victim

An eight-year-old class 2 boy was murder by a bus conductor of the group’s school in Gurgaon, Ashok Kumar, a 42-year-old bus conductor on Friday night arrested the accused. Two top officials of Ryan International School Group have been arrested in connection with it.

After police revealed that Kumar was fired from a private school, parents and others demanded action against school authorities, even in his village Ghamroj because of his suspicious behavior.

The JJ Act deals with cruelty and crime against children under the custody of someone and invites punishment of 5-10 years under the Section 75.

Police in Ryan School Campus

Ryan Pinto, the CEO of Ryan International Group, At the same time, broke his silence on the matter, saying, in a statement, that the “reprehensible crime” was shocking and that the group takes all efforts to ensure the security of its students. “The school is facing one of its saddest periods since its inception. we are all in shock by the horror of this crime that occurred despite various security protocols. Due to the loss of life of one of the innocent students as a result of the reprehensible crime, On behalf of entire school students, staff and the management we want to extend our heartfelt condolences to the family… We are cooperating to our fullest with the police investigations… We want to reassure all our parents across the nation that the well-being and safety of our students are our priority.”

Arun Kumar was also suspended by the police inspector, who was placed in the SHO Sohna Sadar police station, suspecting him in connection with the baton-charge on protesters which left several media persons injured and drew strong criticism from the opposition. The SHO was suspended after probe found that baton-charge was uncalled for and could have been avoided, the Gurgaon police spokesperson said

On Sunday Ram Bilas Sharma Haryana’s education minister on Sunday said the action was being initiated against the school under section 75 of the Juvenile Justice Act and more sections could be added after the government received a report by the three-member committee on loopholes on the part of the school on Monday.

Basically, after a meeting, the panel found that Ryan International School had failed to carry out a police verification of its employees. As per the CCTV cameras installation report, it has been found that the school lacked separate toilets for staff like drivers and conductors. The three-member panel, on visiting the Gurgaon school, also found it had a broken boundary wall and expired fire extinguishers

As per the protestors, it was very much common for the school drivers and conductors often to consume alcohol from the liquor shop in their free time. A liquor shop, situated just 50 meters from the school, was set ablaze and some of the demonstrators threw liquor bottles inside school premises to vent their ire against the school management, police said.

The protests at the Ryan School International today turned violent, with Gurgaon Police having to resort to lathi-charge to control angry parents.

Manohal Lal Khattar Chief Minister seemingly accepted that the media may have been attacked during the police action against protestors. “It [the attack on media] is unfortunate, shouldn’t have happened. CM Khattar told news agency ANI Directing action against policemen responsible for it”.

“Have always been a supporter of media’s freedom of speech. Medical treat will be given to injured journalists and losses will be compensated,” Khattar added.

Education Minister Ram Bilas Sharma said was impractical in a request he said that “We held a meeting today in which the demand to derecognize the school came up, but we also had to take into account the fact that 1,200 students are studying there. The studying student’s parents in this school were against this step and, therefore, we felt taking such a step will not be right,” Sharma said.

In a related development, the family of Ashok Kumar, the arrested bus conductor, said that he was being framed and has been “pressurized to give wrong statements.”  Jyoti, told ANI which was very much similar to the sentiment expressed by at least one parent that “Not satisfied with the ongoing investigation, the bus conductor is being framed. School management must take responsibility for students’ safety.”

“School principal has bribed the police,” his sister told news agency ANI, while Kumar’s father said, “My son is innocent, he is just being framed; all this because of the school.”

After attempting to sexually assault him, a bus conductor employed by the school, named Ashok Kumar was arrested for the boy’s murder, the Police said.


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