House-Full: The Rohingya Refugee Crisis

The location of Rakhine state in Myanmar, the home of Rohingyans.

The Rohingyas are a race which is of Indian origin. It is said that these people moved to the Myanmarese/ Burmese sub-continent in the 1830s when the British began to settle in the Rakhine state of Myanmar. The state shares its borders with the Indian Ocean, Bangladesh and the North-East of India.

The Rohingyans are classified as Arakanese people who don’t resemble the Mongoloid in the Myanmarese sub-continent. Not even the slightest imagination may capture anybody’s imagination as to why the predominantly Buddhist community of the Myanmar feels so disgraced in the presence of the Rohingyans in their land that it now amounts to bloodshed!

The Rohingyan people form around 18% of the entire population of the subcontinent. The Myanmarese population is Mongoloid in its race. The Rohingyans are not, well also they are not Buddhists. The Rohingyans are mostly Muslims and the remaining Hindus. The sectarian violence stems from a single notion of identity clash.

The Rohingyan crisis is not new, the Rohingyans since the 1982 Constitution came into effect at Myanmar, the amended laws of the State denied them citizenship and participation in any political activity. The Junta government used them only as a vote bank to provide three Parliamentarians out of the entire population.

The crisis has never been evaluated but deeply it concerns the plague of “You are not me because you don’t look like me”. This may seem to be a lie, but the careful assessment of the plight is full of evidences that support this.

The Rohingyans ran a RARU, union for students, the union was banned and the leaders along with their followers jailed and subjected to anti-human behaviours which is not catching the eyes of the world.

The Junta government and now the Suu-kyi government, though assured reforms but cannot put a control on the ethnic cleansing being pursued in the name of saving ‘their land’ from invaders.

In India, a large population of the Rohingyas fled from the north-east and West Bengal only to settle in Kashmir, from where they have been again forced to relocate. The biggest problem now that Myanmar and its immediate neighbours face is the exodus of refugees, and the rise of anti-social elements in Myanmar.

The worst affected country from the exodus remains Bangladesh which has a record of sending so many refugees to India, which are not only its own citizens but now the Rohingyas.

The world sees an opportunity of creating an armed conflict in the South East Asian world to create instability and show of strength which was voiced down, since its inception.

  • Mr Modi and Human Rights Activist Suu-Kyi raising a toast while thousands of people bleed and are forced to flee their homes in Myanamr, September-2017.

    The Indian community is too engaged with its own population crises, where it may find itself to be willing to rehabilitate refugees. The recent meeting of Narendra Modi with Suu-kyi and her subordinates did not discuss the Rohingyan crisis.

The cold response is just another move aimed at showing that ‘we are helpless’.

The threat that the Indian community possibly faces is to find a place in the seventh largest country of the world with the second largest population of the world to accommodate a complete state of another country, without any foreign assistance.

The international obligations have kept the hands tied from taking armed action so as to quarantine the assailants from the Rakhine province of Myanmar, which will amount to an abrasion of sovereignty of a nation!

In the backdrop of no efforts being made by the Myanmarese government, it is time for the Indian, Big Brother to take the lead and try to find a solution to keep the crisis at bay and garner as much support as possible from the international fraternity to pull up resources and support the cause of Humanity, over genocide!

The majority of those that are being subjected to violence are Muslims, but any act against humanity does not have a creed, and the persecution and evacuation of the Rohingyas from their homes is a slap on the face of any Buddhist principle, it is against human rights and is against the tenets of the human morality.



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