Bengaluru: A Boy of 17 get Drowns in Temple Tank, Friends taking Selfie


Selfie deaths in India, people continue to risk their lives for that one memorable picture, one of the world’s fastest-growing smartphone markets has forced authorities in several states to demarcate no-selfie zones but accidents are still continuing.

Recently on Tuesday, a 17-year-old Bengaluru boy drowned in a temple tank in Karnataka’s Ramanagara district while his friends posed for a selfie, unaware that Vishwas G was struggling to stay afloat, said a police official.

In Jayanagar in south Bengaluru Class, 12 student of the National College is the latest victim of the craze for self-portraits in India, which accounts for half of the world’s selfie deaths. About 40km from Bengaluru on Sunday to Kanakapura in Ramanagara district, Vishwas had gone for an outing, as he was part of a group of NCC cadets.

A college teacher told Hindustan Times on Tuesday that they decided to take a dip in a temple tank near Ravagondlu Betta and left the tank after the picnic. Vishwas was missing the group realised it much later.

Teacher further mentioned that the condition of anonymity fearing reprisal from the administration, as “Some students then went through the photos and saw one that had captured the incident,”  The selfie shows Vishwas drowning – only his hair was visible on the surface of the tank — as rest of the group smiles for the picture.

The teacher said “by the time they reached the spot it had already been an hour and his body was nowhere to be found”  The college staff then informed police who pulled out the body, a police official said.

Repeated calls to the college remained unanswered.

Around 25 students were part of the NCC camp and two college staff accompanied them, police said.

Govindappa, an autorickshaw driver, who filed a police complaint, Ramanagaram superintendent of police Ramesh B said. “We have filed a case of unnatural death based on the complaint,” he said.

Ramesh said that “the complaint lodged with us does not mention any negligence on the part of those who were present,” One of the students informed Vishwas father, it appeared to be an unfortunate incident for which couldn’t be blamed on a student, said the police.


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