At least 200 killed after tunnel collapses at North Korea’s nuclear test site: Report

Japan’s Asahi TV reported on Tuesday that more than 200 people were killed when tunnels at North Korea’s Punggye-ri nuclear test site crashed after the test of hydrogen bomb last month. No less than 100 people were killed in the first attack and there was a collapse during a rescue operation, which took the death toll number to more than 200 people, the report said. “It is believed that the ground was loose due to the sixth nuclear test conducted on September 3,” Asahi TV reported.

The Korea Meteorological Agency, on the other hand, said that the test with the hydrogen bomb had generated a hole of 60 to 100 meters under the mountain where the nuclear site is. The agency further added that there is a risk that radioactive substances may leak out in the future if more nuclear tests are conducted at the same site. The National Intelligence Service (NIS) of South Korea has said that North Korea was probably making two new tunnels for tests following the test of the hydrogen bomb. The first tunnel used for the nuclear test had been closed, whereas a second tunnel had been used for the next five years. The experts said that the second tunnel could also collapse following the test of the hydrogen bomb.

Modi Govt. Demonetisation drive resulted in the decline of 358 ATMs

Slogan of the Modi “acche din ayenge,” and “making India Digital” is somehow we can say is very correct, Demonetisation was a major step taken by the government, People at the time of demonetisation faced many difficulties, even the economic growth of the country also got deceased due to it, But at the same time the result is revealing the actual benefit of it,  as Modi-government’s took the decision of demonetisation and this push people towards a cashless economy, which resulted in decline of ATMs and between June and August 2017.

In past four year ATMs increased at a compounded rate of 16.4% But, now the growth rate has slowed to 3.6% after demonetisation last year (2016), this is for the first time the number of ATMs has declined.

After the announcement of demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 currency notes on November 8, 2016, the result is that the country has seen a decline in the number of ATMs, nearly 358 ATMs has been shut. The number is not that big but still, it shows that there is a change, as because in the last few years the number of ATMs increased in a huge number.

After demonetisation, the use of ATMs has been decreased too much in comparison to the previous use, so for this, the banks believe that they could do with a lesser number of kiosks and it is also believed by them that the rent for these kiosks are quite high especially in metros, and lesser number of customers, in turn, increases the operational cost of these ATMs.

But at the same time, the workload of banks have also increased, As per the Banks record, rentals for a 7×5-sqft kiosk at airports and prime locations in Mumbai can go up to Rs 40,000 a month. Metros like Chennai and Bengaluru, ATM site rentals range from Rs 8,000 to Rs 15,000 and now the bank has to take care of costs such as:

  • Salaries of security personnel
  • Electricity bill
  • Other maintenance expenses

The State Bank of India after merging with associate banks has now shuttered numerous ATMs:

  • Previously in June SBI had 59,291 ATMs, which declined to 59,200 in August.
  • Similarly, Punjab National Bank reduced the number to 10,083 from 10,502.
  • Even the number of HDFC Bank ATMs reduced to 12,225 from 12,230.

In an earlier interview, Paresh Sukthankar, deputy MD of the bank, “There has been a shift in customer behaviour from cash to electronic payments, Customers who were earlier using their debit cards only for ATM withdrawals are now using them for transactions at shops. Teller transactions at branches as well as ATMs have seen a reduction or are flattening out.”

An SBI official told that “Our customers will not be greatly inconvenienced because of the shutdown, We had to decide whether the footfall at an ATM justified its running costs. Most of the ATMs we shut down were at places where another SBI parent or associate bank ATM was within a 500-meter radius,” There are only a few banks who had intended to shut down the ATM, not all, but many have said that they may not be expanding their ATM networks anytime soon. “For further expansion, we would need to have sufficient volumes to justify the cost,” said Parthasarathi Mukherjee, CEO of Lakshmi Vilas Bank.

This year in May due to the WannaCry Ransomware, ATMs have faced quite some issues, which affected many systems across the world. The RBI had then asked banks to operate their ATMs only after updating the software of these machines.
Digital payments have increased after demonetisation eight out of every 10 ATMs are located in cities where digital payment is easy.
Sanjeev Patel, CEO, Tata Communication Payment Solutions “said More than 83% of ATMs are in urban locations, servicing 33% of the nation’s population that has access to net banking, wider point-of-sale network, e-wallets, mobile banking apps, etc, for the transactions.”
He further added that “The people who desperately need cash are in rural locations where only 15% of the more than 2 lakh ATMs serve nearly 67% of our population.” ATM operators say they need to focus on rural areas now. “Urban India has already got onto the digital bandwagon, rural India has not.”
So, in the very end we can say that “acche din aa rahe hai.”

Microphone, Bluetooth, Google Drive, used by IPS officer to Cheat in UPSC exam

In the recent UPSC mains exam which was held on Monday IPS officer Safeer Karim caught red-handed by the invigilator using inappropriate methods in the examination, the examiner found him cheating in the UPSC (mains) examination in Chennai.

As per the recent reports, it has been said that Safeer trawled the darknet to find ways to beat invigilators at the exam centre, But all resulted in vain because the examiner caught him red-handed.

During UPSC mains exam Karim used a micro camera, which was mounted on his chest and connected to Google drive. The camera would scan the paper and send through Google drive to the intended recipient. In this act, Karim’s wife played a very crucial role.

IPS Officer

His wife Joicy Joyce who was in Hyderabad. Helped Karim by giving him the answers orally, which would reach him through Bluetooth. If the voice was not audible, he would write on a paper with a pencil, which he would scan again and send to his wife. She would then speak louder.

Dr P Rambabu, is the director of La Excellence IAS Study Circle at Ashoknagar in Hyderabad, helped Joyce by assisting her, Both Karim and Rambabu were good friends, he provided hi-tech support to her to help her husband cheat in the UPSC examination. Both Dr P Rambabu and Joicy used computers, laptops, an iPad and other gadgets to transmit answers to Karim.

Inspector S Srinivas Rao Hyderabad central zone task force said “We have handed both the accused to a team of Chennai police headed by a DCP rank officer P Aravindan. They are interrogating the accused now in Hyderabad, before taking them to Chennai.”

The officer further gave the details that “Both Karim and Joyce are from Kerala. He was selected for IPS in 2015 and underwent training at the Sardar Vallabbhai Patel National Police Academy in Hyderabad. He was assigned to TN cadre. But, he was not satisfied with the selection for IPS. He was impatient on becoming IAS, he resorted to the malpractice.”

“An IAS coaching centre was set up by Karim, it was in the name of Karim’s La Excellence in Thiruvananthapuram in collaboration with Rambabu,” as because both of them were in good terms.

Presently Karim was serving as additional superintendent of police in Tamil Nadu’s Tirunelveli district, and now the Hyderabad police arrested Joyce and Rambabu, on Tuesday for allegedly helping Karim to cheat in the civil services examination, the Chennai police tipped off their Hyderabad counterparts for the arrest. The police even seized computer hard disks, laptops, an iPad and other gadgets from them and handed them over to the Chennai police.

A 100-year-old Woman being Raped in Uttar Pradesh

In a dreadful shock for the whole country, a 100-year-old bedridden woman was allegedly being raped by a man who entered into her house in a village on the outer part of the Meerut around midnight on Sunday. The bedridden woman died after being raped. This terrible incident took place at Jaani village in Meerut district where the 100-year-old victim lived with her brother.

The rapist, identified by police as Ankit Punia (35), has been arrested on various charges, including rape, murder, and sections of the SC/ST Act. Outraged villagers have asked for the death sentence for the culprit, who was presented in the court and sent to jail. The family members of the victim said that the woman was so weak that she could hardly raise an alarm during the assault. Her 40-year-old grandson said, “She was very weak. She could only manage to utter feeble cries. We rushed to where she was and were horrified to find the man forcing himself on her.”

The 100-year-old victim was brought to the hospital in a very critical condition where she was declared dead by the doctors soon after her medical examination. The station officer at Jani police station, PC Sharma, said, “We immediately reached the spot and called an ambulance to transport the old woman to the district hospital. An FIR has been filed against Punia under IPC sections IPC 458 (house-breaking after preparation for assault) and 376 (rape). Besides, relevant sections of the SC/ST Act have also been slapped against the accused as the victim was a Dalit. Later, after the woman’s death, IPC 302 (murder) was also added to the charges.” The doctors of the hospital said that the victim came in a “really bad condition”. To confirm the rape, they’ve sent swabs to a forensic lab in Lucknow.

South Korea and China to Patch Up after THAAD fallout

On Tuesday, South Korea and China agreed to work smoothly to get their relations back on track after a year-long standoff because of the deployment of a US anti-missile system in South Korea punched South Korean business interests in China. The installation of US Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system had extremely infuriated China and spilled over into trade, tourism and also cultural relations with South Korea.

South Korea’s foreign ministry said in a statement on Tuesday that “Both sides shared the view that the strengthening of exchange and cooperation between Korea and China serves their common interests and agreed to expeditiously bring exchange and cooperation in all areas back on a normal development track”. The South Korea’s presidential office said that South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in will also meet with China’s President Xi Jinping on the sidelines of forthcoming Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) countries in Vietnam on 10-11 November. A senior South Korean presidential Blue House official told reporters that the two heads are expected to discuss North Korea’s missile, nuclear program and new ways to develop the relationship.

The Blue House official added that the recent fallout in relations between China and North Korea might have played an important role in Tuesday’s agreement. On Tuesday, the head of NATO requested all United Nation members to wholly and transparently execute sanctions against North Korea, which he described that has emerged as a global threat able to fire ballistic missiles as far as Europe and North America. “North Korea’s ballistic and nuclear tests are an affront to the United Nations Security Council,” said North Atlantic Treaty Organization Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in Tokyo. Talking about the statement coordinated with South Korea’s announcement, China’s foreign ministry said that the two countries would get their relations like before “at an early date”.

The China’s foreign ministry said that South Korea recognized China’s concerns on the THAAD issue and also cleared the deployment was never aimed at any third country and didn’t harm China’s strategic security interests. Saying that the improvements for the South Korean companies would come slowly, the Blue House official said that “China repeated this stance during discussions, saying difficulties faced by South Korean companies were prompted by individual Chinese citizens angered by the THAAD deployment”.  The South Korean tourism and retail shares saw a fine comeback as Lotte Tour developing more than 18 percent and Lotte Shopping goes up as much as 5.7 percent. On the other hand, the shares of Asiana Airlines also increased as much as 4.6 percent.

Prior this month, China and South Korea agreed to recommence a $56 billion currency swap agreement, whereas Chinese airlines reportedly considering to restore flight routes to South Korea, which had been closed following the dispute.

Ashish Nehra will be Playing his Farewell match on November 1 against New Zealand

38-year, old Ashish Diwansingh Nehra has by now made up his mind that he doesn’t wish to continue playing anymore and the Kotla match will be his last match, the final competitive match against New Zealand on November 1.

He has been a very eventful career playing for India and his stateside Delhi in domestic cricket. Nehra, who went through phases of highs and lows in his career, But he still he has a good record in all his matches.

He has only one regret as he signs off, Nehra told “Trust me; I have had an eventful 20 years. I am not a very emotional person. The next 20 years is what I am looking forward to. With any luck, it will be as exciting as it has been since I started playing for Delhi in 1997,” during a free-wheeling chat at his academy in Noida.

“It’s been a great journey. Maybe only one regret if I could change anything in these 20 years, that afternoon in Johannesburg during the 2003 World Cup final (where India lost to Australia). But it’s all about destiny and nothing else,” he said with his customary disinterest.

Ashish Nehra

The wiry Delhi pacer made his international debut against Sri Lanka in a Test match in 1999 and then made his ODI debut against Zimbabwe in 2001.

Nehra has his own style of bowling crease, he has a lovely side on action, with a fine wrist position which enables the ball to land on the seam and do a wicked thing.

Nehra had a fine 2003 World Cup in South Africa as he used the hard and seaming wickets to good use. Bowling under lights at Durban against England, taking 6/23 – which still is his best ever ODI figures. In that same tournament, he also had the distinction of bowling a 149.7 km/h ball – which at that time was the fastest an Indian bowler had bowled. Nehra was pushed down the pecking order as India went to Pakistan in 2004 when newcomers like Pathan and Balaji were doing well in their matches.

After pulling out midway from the tour of Zimbabwe in 2005, he had operations on his ankle and back which ensured that he was out of cricket for a long while.

After his recovery from the injury, he was signed up by the Mumbai Indians to play in the inaugural IPL season. And he performed well in the first season and moved to the Delhi Daredevils – his home state – to play in the 2nd edition. That proved to be a wise decision as he produced a brilliant display to end up being the 3rd highest wicket-taker in the IPL with 19 wickets from 13 games.

Nehra played as a spearhead in ODI cricket and was a regular member of the Indian side from June 2009. He was quite consistent until the 2011 World Cup.

He was there in the three matches, which also includes the semifinal against Pakistan in which he injured his finger and unfortunately, has never made it to India’s playing XI since then.

After recovering from his injury, he represented the Pune Warriors in the IPL before moving to Delhi Daredevils in 2013.

Nehra was auctioned 2 crores in 2014 and was bought by Chennai Super Kings, the selectors recalled him for the T20Is against Australia in January 2016. He continued to be part of the Indian team in the 2016 edition of the T20 World Cup at home.
Nehra, started his cricket journey with the Indian team in 1999, in his 18-year-long career he has played:

  • 17 Tests
  • 120 ODIs
  • 26 Twenty20 matches

When questioned…. Will he become the bowling coach of the Indian team if offered the role?

He replied that “There are no such plans as of now. Of course, I will do a bit of coaching and commentary but if you are talking about Indian team, no such thoughts till 2019 World Cup. After that, let’s see what happens.”

People mainly remember him for his match against England in Durban, he scored 6/23, where he hardly put a foot wrong. But can just one night’s performance describe him?

“Sports is nothing but moments. People remember that night. I would like them to remember me as an honest Player. Ek aisa shaqs jisne seekh ke khela nahin par khelke ke seekha (a person, who didn’t learn and play but played and learnt),” he replied.

MSK Prasad who is the Chief selector of team India stated that the selection in the eleven is the sole right of the team management. “Whether he (Nehra) is going to play or not, is clearly the decision of the team management. There are no assurances from our side (selectors), whether he is going to play or not. It will surely be decided by the team management.”

Ashish Nehra was also famously called “one of the best bowlers that the Indian team has ever seen”, by Ravi Shastri. M.S Dhoni also suggested Nehra’s name as the future bowling coach for India considering his massive experience, his ability to easily swing the ball both ways and his bowling under pressure.

On October 12, 2017, Nehra announced that he will retire from all forms of cricket after the first Twenty20 International against New Zealand which is set to be played at the Feroz Shah Kotla on November 1.

“Dubai is Danger" I will not go Back,” Indian Migrant said, know WHY?

Chittam, 45, a daily wage labourer in Dubai, is the second migrant worker from the village to have died in Dubai in September and among the nearly 450 Indian migrant workers shipped home in body bags since 2014.

Ankathi Gangadhar, the former village head of Kalleda “There were three deaths (of workers from the village) last year as well. We were told Chittam died of a stroke, but he was healthy when he came home for a visit last month,” Another local man, aged 24, died in Dubai last month after suffering a heart attack, villagers said.

Dubai Worker Sleep

For decades, people have migrated from Telangana:

  • Largely rural region with the tech hub of Hyderabad as its capital
  • Indian cities such as Mumbai and to the Gulf, unable to make a living from farming, mainly due to water scarcity.
  • About 10,000 people migrate to the Gulf states every year from Telangana
  • And about 200 on average from Kalleda, according to government figures.

Suresh Reddy, an officer from Telangana who has worked on the migration issue said “When individuals started going away for Gulf states (in the 1980s), this region was reeling from years of drought, they had no choice however to migrate, once they left, there have been some economic gains however they paid an important value for it – operating in inhuman conditions and going away their families behind.”

Chittam’s worked in an urban center for thirteen years, his annual savings seldom exceeded 12,000 Indian rupees ($185) and he sent home 4,000 to 5,000 rupees each few months. He visited his wife and 2 kids simply 5 times throughout that time. “He was getting to come back permanently next year once creating to a small degree extra money,” Gangadhar said as his wife looked, numb and impassive.

Chitla said “I saw lots of misery there, employees were underpaid and poorly treated. They were cheated by their agents with false guarantees thus I assumed I’d come and produce a modification. They don’t visit doctors once they square measure unwell to avoid wasting cash,” Chitla further added that deaths attributed to pathological state square measure usually owing to consumptive work conditions.

Workers in Gulf Country

Government figures show their square measure some half-dozen million Indian migrants within the six Gulf states:

  • Bahrain
  • Kuwait
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabian Peninsula
  • United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  • Oman

According to official knowledge, over 30,000 Indian nationals died within the Gulf states between 2005 and 2015.

The UAE embassy in Indian capital said in an emailed statement the Gulf state had introduced a wage protection system for foreign employees and a “Know Your Rights” campaign in 5 languages. As a government-authorised agent, Chitla’s job is to make sure migrants perceive their job contracts, the leader doesn’t alter the terms of employment later, which all the work of the somebody is honest and complete. However, he fails to draw in a similar range of employees as criminal agents.

“There square measure a minimum of 50 unaccredited agents who square measure causation many employees. I actually have sent 48 up to now,” Chitla aforementioned.

Chandrasekhar Boragalla, 26, a father of 2, had AN interview in a very sea-front workplace for a cleaner’s job in urban center. “I paid 70,000 rupees to the agent for this job. after I reached there, they created American state sign a biennial bond for earnings a lot of under what was secure. I wasn’t even got 3 months. I used to be asked to pay 85,000 rupees for leave to travel home,” he said.

“It’s not enough. Dubai is danger. I will not go back,” he said.

Water, jobs

Land rights lawyer Sunil Reddy, who takes up cases of the rural poor said “They are marginal farmers and own less than 5 acres (2 hectares) of land which does not support their families. Water is scarce as this is a rain-fed region When Telangana was created as a separate state in 2014, two promises were made – more jobs and more irrigation water. But the situation is the same.”

Laxmi Malaya is a widow, she has a small piece of land on which she grows maize, turmeric and rice. Two harvests yielded an annual income of about Rs 60,000, which supplemented the money her husband sent home.

Migrant rights campaigners are seeking a compensation for the widows of Gulf migrants.

Activist Bheem Reddy said “Compensation is their right. The money workers send back is pumped into the state’s economy,” Jayesh Ranjan, principal secretary with the Telangana government said financial compensation for widows has been proposed as part of the state’s Non Resident Indian policy.