BHU Crisis and the Myth


The Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, is a distinct university and one of the best talent pools across India. The sacred roots of Kashi have given the place all the more divine approach mixed with the youth.

In a rage the women of the girl’s hostel led a march to protest harassment, on the campus. This may be conveniently linked to the active arena of student politics in India.

These protests were labelled as to be one smacking with political vendetta by the opposition to target the BJP led Mahant Yogi Adityanath government at the State.

There is if not absolute then partial truth in the presence of unchecked violence against women. The government has tried to deal with the issue by taking a few prominent  measures to upgrade the security of women.

The violence on campus happened there was a truth in the manner where a woman’s privacy was violated by people on the campus of such a pristine university.

The Uttar Pradesh police had to resort to lathi charge on the protesting students and man handling women. The latest update has been that Mr GC Tripathi the Vice-Chancellor has left on a vacation.

The announcement came just in time when the University is about resume its classes.

The gross incident has taken a weird twist where all eyes rest on the the V-C on leave. There has not been much of a talk about the incident since the government ordered a probe in the incident. The media in a frenzy has stooped to desecrating a noble institution.

The government is also looking for a new vice chancellor of the university, there has been no speculation about who would that be. The simplest of answers lie in the fact that there are always some miscreants in every circle of this society. This calls for vigilance ad monitoring of students on campus.

Lanka Chowki police Station where the aggrieved ladies went out to seek a remedy to their plight could not find much of help which forced them to take to the streets. This action is not appreciated in the light of the fact that the Yogi gobierno was so much into the protection of women.

This doesn’t imply that there cannot be a change in the way things work. There must be social education given to all students to create some sort of accepted norms of the society because the way there is boom of technology the administration has to be very strict and alert.

The overall psyche of the masses may be elevated to a whole new level after we inculcate within people the idea of what to choose and what not too. We need to condition the minds in India rather than create uncivilised and disillusioned people.

We talk of strict sanctions because we intend to create the idea of deterrent punishment and exemplary punishment, while in the modern times and with technology at bay we must create a culture for the community instead of creating values based on economic status.

The truth of the incident has reported by the VC is that there was no such trouble but it was instigated and certain eve-teasers are being taken care of. The police did their work. This is true but at the spur of the moment the state authorities also did not help.

The government will have to further up its ante and creativity to tackle the issues being faced by people, and specially execution related laxity.




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