US Shooting: Where are we safe


Though the FBI special agent in-charge that any foreign terrorist organisation may have any alleged involvement in the mass killings during Jason Aldean’s performance at the Route, 91, Harvest Festival, Mandalay Bay Resort, Las Vegas.

58 people have died so far and over 500 people remain injured. The Amaq News Agency has released a video release that claims the 64 year old attacker from Nevada was an ISIS warrior. 

The US Administration has bluntly denied involvement of any foreign hands in the attack, it is learnt that Stephen Paddock has never had any criminal history and is also not undergoing any psychological treatment.

The incident has been condemned by leaders all around, and Mr Trump has criticised the attack as being evil.

There are no particular evidences to find any other reasons leading to such an event thus it is alarming breach of security in one of the world’s Global leaders. The incident will ripen into a better notable story when once there are some official leads to the murderer.

Mr Paddock was impounded and shot to death in the Mandalay Bay Hotel where he perpetrated the act. The man having no medical history and links with ay terror group had holed up a substantial arsenal comprising of 23 varieties of weaponry.

The enriched weaponry possessed from the man is being attributed to the easy norms for procuring a weapon in Nevada county.

The attack is perhaps the worst shooting in the recent US history of events. The denial by US Ad is also not a promising as there is particular evidence available to substantiate the claims.

This event is ample proof of the fact that in today’s world there is no security of human life, wherever we live. The incident is a horrible one which is sufficient to make the world lower the mast.

The incident leaves doubts on the system of vigilance in place in country where the agencies instead of giving definitive reasons about the incident just rule out possibilities and cater to logic and ignorance.

The need as voiced by NaMo on a Comprehensive Convention on Terrorism, is now must. This incident comes in the backdrop of US putting pressure on Pakistan to rev up its ante against terrorism.

We hope the mystery unfurls soon, and the souls of the people dismayed by the course of events gets their due of justice.

This event needs a particular rethink about the current direction of the world politics, because the event highlights the divide that radicalisation may tend to create over the prudent man.

The penetration of the US vigilance is not a defeat worth acceptance when Trump has been advocating American supremacy all over.

Donald Trump’s rough stance may also find links with the incident as he is getting closer to them, the terrorists seek to provide a reply to him to hold his horses,but the crackdown against the terrorists has to be taken seriously.


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