Ahead of Diwali, Supreme Court bans Firecrackers in Delhi


The Supreme Court has restored a ban on the sale of firecrackers in Delhi on Monday, saying that they want to evaluate the difference to the air quality in the national capital. The top court also said that its order of removing the ban would be effective from November, focusing on the fact that they want to test the effect of the ban on air quality post-Diwali, the festival when millions all over the country celebrate by bursting crackers.


The festival of Diwali leaves the air in Delhi with thick smoke and pollution, which produces extreme health issues for the residents of the national capital. Three children went to the court requesting that its order of banning the sale of crackers in Delhi in November 2016 must be brought back. The central pollution body, Central Pollution Control Board, backed the petitioners and asked the ban to be restored. The top court, on the other hand, said that order of lifting the suspension of permanent licenses may need a review post-Diwali. They also instructed the Delhi police to decrease the number of temporary licenses by 50% to those granted last year and cap it at 500.


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