Gorakhpur: 16 More Children die at BRD Medical College in last 24 hours


The IANS reported that sixteen children died including ten infants at the Baba Raghav Das (BRD) Medical college in UP’s Gorakhpur. Six of the sixteen children were admitted in ICU, whereas remaining ten was admitted in the NICU. Around a dozen of patients of encephalitis were being treated at the BRD Medical College, the IANS reported.

Following this incident, the count of the dead in BRD Medical College has gone as high as 310. The officials told ANI that about 1,470 patients, majorly diagnosed with encephalitis, have been admitted in BRD medical college this year. The BRD Medical College was in the news in August when around 63 children died within just a span of a week due to the absence of oxygen. The doctors, however, told IANS that the latest deaths had not taken place because of lack of oxygen, treatment or anything else, but the reason that they were brought to the hospital in a very serious condition.


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