Nigerian tied to Pole and Thrashed by Mob in Delhi


A Nigerian national was tied to a lamp and thrashed badly with sticks by a mob, who accused him of being a drug addict and a theft. This man was allegedly caught when he was trying to rob in a house in Malviya Nagar in South Delhi, where a number of African students live. The video of the assault was posted online by ANI on Monday, but the incident took place on September 24.

Nigerian Thrashed in MOB

Badly wounded Nigerian national was later over to the police that day. The video, on the other hand, reflects another story as we can witness that the mobs are attacking the Nigerian man with sticks brutally as he was pleading for mercy. According to the police, he was treated in a hospital after which he was presented before a judge who sent him to jail. Notably, no one was in the knowledge of the video where the Nigerian national was assaulted badly. However, the police said that they will take action against the attackers based on the video.


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