SC Ban on the Sale of Firecrackers: C.Bhagat Shows his Disapproval to it


The Supreme Court Last year had suspended all licenses that allowed the sale of fireworks, wholesale or retail, within NCR. But this year the court temporarily lifted the order and permitted the sale of firecrackers.

Now, after November 1 the lifting of the ban on the sale of firecrackers will only take effect with the Supreme Court making it clear that it wants to see whether the prohibition has any effect on the quality of air in Delhi. It will be a less boisterous but – as is widely hoped – a cleaner Diwali in Delhi. The Supreme Court wants to assess the impact on the air quality.

When millions will celebrate the festival of lights by bursting crackers and lighting lamps, People who already bought firecrackers can still burst them on October 19.

Soon after the Supreme Court announced about the upheld its ban on the sale of firecrackers in Delhi and NCR regions. Some of the well-known faces tweeted about the Ban, In which some are in the favor of Supreme court decision and at the same time some indicated their disapproval over the ban on the sale of firecrackers during Diwali.

Chetan Bhagat tweeted: When they can’t logically argue with you. They resort to personal attacks. Usually means you have won. Stay positive. Always.

It simply shows that he does not approve of today’s court oder that continues to disallow the sale of firecrackers in Delhi and the wider National Capital Region. As per him this Ban on the sale of firecrackers is unnecessary and says that traditions call for the celebration of Diwali with the bursting of firecrackers.

Yuvraj Singh tweeted: Say no to crackers, let’s celebrate a pollution-free Diwali #saynotocrakers #pollutionfree

Unlike Chetan Bhgat Yuvraj Singh is on favouring the court’s decision, assembling towards the change to celebrate Diwali without crackers.

Virendra Sehwag tweeted: RT if this year you will celebrate Diwali extra dhoom dhaam se.

Which simply shows that he is also going with the flow of his friend Yuvraj Singh. Believing in the change to celebrate the Diwali with fewer crackers and more fun.

The court from the last year had stopped the sale of fireworks within the National Capital Region, because in the high rise in pollution levels after Diwali. So this year also the court again put but on the fire court, But the court has temporarily suspended the ban.

Saying that a complete ban would be an “extreme step”, and a “graded approach” was needed to tackle pollution. Each year, after Diwali the environment is affected drastically Crackers after getting burned releases smoke and suspended particles, which other than effecting environment leads to the problem of residents breathlessness and lung difficulties.

The pollution in Delhi was said to be dangerous and the worst in 10 years in the Last Diwali. So the Supreme Court, responding to a 2015 petition by three children aged between six years and 14 months, banned the sale of crackers.

“We are the most vulnerable category when it comes to air pollution, especially from suspended particles and toxins. We are foremost prone to Lung disease like:

  • Asthma
  • Coughing
  • Bronchitis
  • Retarded development of the nervous system
  • And cognitive impairment

The children’s petition had argued, referring to the fundamental Right to Life. Cracker manufacturers challenged the ban as a drastic step that would impact livelihoods, after which the Supreme Court paused the ban.

The court today agreed that a ban “should be given a chance”. When the children went to the court again asking that the ban can be restored.


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