Who can be Congress President, Mother or Son?: Mani Shankar Aiyar


Who will be the new Congress President? Mother or Son said Congress veteran  Mani Shankar Aiyar. As we all know that 2 people are required for conducting an election and if there is no other candidate, then on what basis the election will take place. ” To contest election people are

In other words, we can say Election is a competition held between two people, ” people are required, to contest an election and  if there’s no one and there’s only one candidate how will you conduct an election is a very first question?”

Mani Shankar Aiyar Senior Congress leader reacted today to a question by media about Rahul Gandhi taking over from Sonia Gandhi as the president of the Congress party. As per, him only two people could become the next President of the Congress party.

As per the news agency, Aiyar said that ”I think Rahul already said he is ready to contest an election and only two people can be Congress President, mother or son.”

Lal Thanawala Mizoram Chief Minister said that the Congress has unanimously decided to elevate Rahul Gandhi as its president as it needs a leader in place of Sonia Gandhi who faces health issues. “Our country has various types of leaders. Some leaders are imposed, and some leaders are made Rahul Gandhi is not a willing politician but the party needs a strong, good leadership,” he said, he further showed his concerns over Sonia Gandhi’s health, that the party wants Rahul Gandhi as its new leader.

By October 31 Rahul Gandhi is likely to be announced as the Congress president, taking the mantle from his own mother Sonia Gandhi who steered the party for the long 19 years.

Sachin Pilot Congress MP hinted at the possibility of Rahul to take over his mother mostly after Diwali. The pilot said that the “general sentiment” in the party is that he should lead from the front and “take over as the party president”. He further added that “Congress Organisational elections are underway and the new president could take over shortly after Diwali. And the things have been set from the very long time.”

So after Diwali, we hope that Congress will soon announce their new president.


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