NIA Reveals An Orchestrated Love Jihad Racket in Kerala


The recent spat in Kerala where a lady’s father alleged that his daughter was brainwashed by Islamic radicals that made her to adopt Islam and get married to one Shafin Jahan.

The lady’s father had taken the daughter in his custody and the Hon’ble High Court of Kerala annulled the marriage.

The lady Akhila Ashokan alias Hadiya was reportedly under influence of Islamic preachers as per her father, he further asserts that she used to talk about Islamic fables.

Shafin Jahan the husband of the lady moved the Supreme Court against the order of the High Court annulling the marriage. A bench led by preceding CJI, Mr Khehar ordered an NIA probe into the matter.

Further more, Shafin Jahan’s case now advocates that the NIA probe was inappropriate in the present circumstances. The NIA has reported 90 cases alleged ‘Love Jihad’.

The Supreme Court saw a heated debate ASG Mr Tushar Mehta and Jahan’s counsel Mr Dushyant Dave. The Court also stressed that the scope of the case must be restricted to only the legal issues involved while keeping the political and populist considerations at bay.

In another incident at the Kerala High Court, another case of alleged ‘Love Jihad’ has come to the fore where the wife had been kept in a Hindu Math for re-cultivating the lady with the Hindu way of life. The husband of the lady has alleged that the girl had consented to the marriage and the father of the girl has taken her into an undisclosed location out of his lawful custody.

The Kerala BJP minority wing chief for Christians,┬áRenjith Abraham Thomas, has also taken the ground with the clarion sounded by the Hindus over the alleged incidents of ‘Love Jihad’ in the state.

The Supreme Court has meanwhile stressed that the counsel for the parties must stress on the legal issue that remains whether the High Court i exercise its powers under Article 226 can annul a marriage.

The rejoinder filed by the State of Kerala in the Supreme Court has asserted that their has been no information on the alleged incidents of ‘Love Jihad’, and the NIA probe in the incident is totally uncalled for.

This comes when the NIA has already initiated a probe into 90 marriages and has also informed the Supreme Court about a presence of an orchestrated racket of alluring women from other religions to embrace Islam.

The term ‘Love Jihad’ may be completely a sham or might be a reality. The astonishing factor remains that the two cases that have approached the Courts, have seen a protectionism on the part of the parents who simply allege allurement.

Allurement as a tool to get women to adapt to Islam may be found on the undernourished cultural upbringing afforded to individuals that may make them feel weak on the insides.

Hadiya’s father, is learnt to have disclosed her behaviour in appreciating the world form a narrow view of Islam. This is not symbolic of a growing civilisation.

The Parliament has enacted a Special Marriage Act, which allows persons from two different religions to institute a marriage without changing their religion, is, not welcomed in any of the instances. The ladies though have embraced Islam but what influenced their minds to such an extent that they while living in Hindu families since their birth, discarded their faith while pursuing their love!

Also what kind of love comes with a condition that the persons involved need distort their religious identity first and then follow the life of unison with their beloved.

The matter has to be investigated specially when there is a widespread occurrence in the society of the same.




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