Arvind Kejriwal's Blue WagonR Missing, AAP offers Reward for Clues, no Amount Stated


The blue WagonR has been missing which was used by the Aam Aadmi Party or AAP to demonstrate its commitment to fighting VIP culture, AAP leaders facing an emotional crisis.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s blue Wagoner was stolen yesterday, his Aam Aadmi Party or AAP has offered a reward for the person who could provide any kind of information regarding the car that can lead to the hatchback, But the amount has yet not been disclosed.

AAP’s Naveen Jaihind, a senior leader from Haryana announces that  “Whoever returns the car, I will give him a suitable reward, which will be much more than what he will get from selling the car, I want this car back. There are a lot of emotions, memories attached to it, ” As per the current report no suitable response has been made by anyone but it is expected that they may get some clue as on the other place his offer may fail to enthuse a response because he still has did not disclose the amount he’s offering as a reward.

Mr. Jaihand lost the parliamentary election as had borrowed the car from the Chief Minister to campaign in 2014.

The WagonR, Yesterday, was parked outside the Delhi government headquarters by its current user – Vandana Singh, a youth wing leader. The Waganor use circulated among AAP leaders, Three hours later, at about 2 pm, it was reported missing.

The Chief Minister, tweeted to ask “dhyan kidhar hai”, upbraiding it for negligence.who tenants an uneasy relationship with the Delhi Police, the Union Home Ministry, one of many stress points between AAP and the centre. The police in the capital report not to him.

The WagonR was an image as an everyday man as well as it is an essential part of Mr. Kejriwal’s. During a protest against the police in 2014 in the heart of the capital, he held a cabinet meeting in the “AAP Mobile”; at night, he slept next to it on the pavement during his sit-in, a much-photographed moment.

It was donated to him in 2013 by an NRI supporter, Many AAP workers have been posting videos of him using the car. It shows that not only the AAP leaders but the whole country have an emotional attachment to that car. The Wagoner in the other sense represents the common man.

We can only hope that AAP leaders will get their emotional property soon. Till that time we await the good news.


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