Modi Government to give 51000 to graduate Muslim girls under ‘Shaadi Shagun’ scheme


As an initiative to promote higher education among Muslim girls, the Modi government will give 51,000 to Muslim girls who will get graduated before getting married. This ‘Shaadi Shagun’ scheme by the Maulana Azad Education Foundation is now passed by the Ministry of Minority Affairs. The major focus of this scheme is to promote higher education among minority groups. In July, the proposal was submitted to Minority Affairs Minister Mukhtar Naqvi in July.

“We felt that families of Muslim girls and other minorities are always in dilemma about their daughter’s graduation studies and marriage. The minority groups prefer to save money for their daughter’s marriage rather than spend it on their graduation,” said Shakir Hussain Ansari, treasurer of Maulana Azad Education Foundation. The students whose parents earn more than 2 lakh per annum cannot enjoy the scholarships. This scholarship is focused to help parents in understanding the importance of education over marriage.


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