"Serious Questions": SY Quraishi's Dig at the Election Commission


The Election Commission of India announced the date for assembly elections in the state of Himachal Pradesh, the move was a break from the conventional move by the election where on past three out of four occasions it has announced the elections for Gujarat as well on the same day.

This move has again come under heavy fire from not just the Opposition but also, ex-Chief Election Commissioner has raised his fingers at the EC for not announcing the elections like before!

The dig possibly taken by the ex-CEC,

The ex-CEC has given a statement that has given a rallying ground to the entire opposition out of no cause!

has a tone of an extra-constitutional mandate where the vociferous advocate of the dignity of the election commission, and freedom in India, has tried to seek explanation in a covert remarked which directly malign the trust of the masses in a Constitutional body.

The CEC, is learnt to have asserted that the break from the past three occasions when the elections in the twin states were not held simultaneously aims at a something of grave nature that casts aspersions on the independent functioning of the apex constitutional body which is tasked with holding free and fair elections in the nation.

These remarks have been echoed in the corridors of the opposition parties where we see the Congress as well as CPI(M) blaming the Election Commission of hobnobbing with the ruling BJP to delay the polls in Gujarat.

The assembly election for Himachal will be held on the 7th of November, 2017, as the session of the assembly expires on the 1st of January, 2018.  The CEC, AK Joti has also asserted that the elections in the state of Gujarat will be held in the month of December, 2017.

There have been no reasons given for the delay and the existing furore over the election dates possibly does not hint at any sharing of any sort of understanding between the EC and the BJP.

The election pitch is very rough in the nation, given the BJP’s ashwamedha where they are seen to be reaching out to masses and sweeping one state after the another. The pitch in Gujarat is the most hotly contested as Gujarat is the home-state of the Prime Minister.

There is no official assessment to show that there is an anti-incumbency wave in Gujarat, given the fact that Mr Rupani, Chief Minister of Gujarat has been trying to work round the clock to keep the Patidar stir and the minority sentiment in check.

The recent allegations against Jay Shah of favouritism in operating his business is also being seen as one instance where the Congress and other political outfits might have an advantage over the BJP.

This makes the allegations all the more lacking any sort of veracity. There may be many possible and unbiased reasons for the delay in conducting the polls.

Unfortunately neither the CEC nor the political parties do take note of the fact that their desperation is ill-found. The recent trend of maligning the Constitutional bodies is one-act that erodes the trust of the common citizens in the polity, where the people in power must refrain from such remarks.

The political parties or for that matter, even the CEC  could have asked the EC for the reasons of breaking away from the convention. Again the conventions are not a recognised mandate that may not be followed, as it is out of choice.

This is not a good indication for the masses who have faith in the system.

The Congress has seemingly crammed the administrative excesses perpetrated by their leaders of the past, thus they find the faults in every move any Constitutional body takes. The hypothesis of tyranny has led to the birth of the worst tyrants in the history.

Today, Mr Rahul Gandhi is visiting all the Hindu shrines, wearing a tilak on his forehead, is he a Modi-ist himself? Is he trying to learn from him?

Modi-fication of Rahul Gandhi.

Let us give the daily soap like outlook of our parties and the irresponsible remark by our ex-CEC gets a befitting reply from the CEC AK Joti.



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