5 Healthy Diet Tips for Dengue Patients


It is very sad to see the deteriorating condition of our country that most of the people are diagnosed with diseases day to day. The first death caused due to dengue was reported recently in New Delhi. A 12-year-old boy Nitish Kumar from Bihar, who was residing in Safdarjung area in south Delhi, died on August 1 due to dengue shock syndrome which resulted in multiple-organ failure at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.

According to a Municipal Report at least 657 people have been affected by dengue this season in the capital. At least 153 cases of the disease have been reported this month till 19th August. Out of the 657 cases of dengue, 325 people who were affected were residents of Delhi, while the rest of the people were of different cities.

Symptoms of Dangue

It is recommended and very important to take care of oneself during the monsoon period as the chances of getting prone to diseases are the highest during this period. So dengue is the disease which is caused due to a virus and till now no specific medicines are discovered till now. A good diet, plenty amount of water, proper rest and living in hygienic conditions keeping oneself, surrounding and the environment clean can help one in recovering faster and not even getting prone to dengue. Here I hav mentioned five simple diet tips for dengue patients.

  1. Have Vitamin-C rich foods: Include lots of citrus fruits like oranges and kiwis and even fruits like guava and papaya in your diet. Oranges, kiwis are full of essential nutrients and vitamins. They are rich in vitamin C, which is an important antioxidant. The high-fiber content of oranges makes them good for treating indigestion as well.
  2. Drink Haldi Doodh: The spice turmeric can help in healing one’s body from   within and milk      gives the proteins and carbohydrates your body requires to generate energy.
  3. Drink lots of fluids: One must have plenty of water and coconut water. All these help in flushing out the toxins from the body, boost digestion and provide with necessary vitamins and minerals to recover.
  4. Avoid fried and oily food: Fatty and oily foods take longer to digest and must be avoided during dengue fever.
  5. Green leafy vegetables: Please increase your intake of green and leafy vegetables like spinach and mustard greens as they are full of iron and other nutrients that may help improve the platelet count which decreases during dengue so it is very important to have green vegetables to increase platelets count.

These tips are very useful and must be followed with proper cleanliness of one’s body, surroundings and environment.


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