RaGa's Weather Report on Gujarat, Modi's Rains for Gujarat & Hail for Cong



Rahul Gandhi in a tweet today, said that there will be a rain of rhetoric on Gujarat. The tweet does not add much more meaning to the delay in polls to beheld in Gujarat, which were delayed by the CEC AK Joti, citing reasons ranging from Patidar situation to flood management in the state.

The BJP also gave a sop to farmers at a rally in Gandhinagar, where in the rally were present, our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and his aide Mr Amit Shah, among others from the Gujarat BJP.

The message that RaGa intended to convey was based on the fact the same practice the Congress has also been following for the past so many years. This practice involves giving sops to the electorate right before the elections. This pattern is seen everywhere in our country and in the states.

The Modi-Shah duo today seem charged and exhorted the party unit to give their best shot for the upcoming polls. The gravity of the turf was laid down by Shah, when he said that this is our home, and it is a matter of pride for us to win 150+ seats in the state.

The overall situation in Gujarat seems to be one where the electorate is missing their leader, Mr Modi. Modi on the other hand, talked about the overall developmental work carried out by the BJP government at the state and the policies of the Centre as well that have helped the masses of Gujarat.

Mr Shah urged all the party workers not to sit idle after the Diwali but to ensure that the electorate gets along, and their grievances are conveyed to the party so that more inclusiveness and re-dressal may be achieved.

The BJP lost the Gurdaspur LS seat to Congress today in a bye-election due to the death of Dr Vinod Khanna, this event has upped the ante of the party in establishing connections with the masses, and mobilising workers with more aggression.

The Chief Minister of Gujarat, Mr Vijay Rupani also gave the farmers of the state a promise of giving a loan waiver up-to 3 Lacs amongst other initiatives.

The BJP may seem more aggressive as it actually is a matter of pride for them to win the state assembly, Modi has openly accredited Shah for his ashwamedha in India since 2014, and has reposed his faith in his execution in Gujarat this time.

Though the aggression may be justified but under the BJP all these years, Gujarat has made actual progressive on many fronts. The voters may openly choose, as it is their right, but they must also see the what they might lose if they choose to go for an alternative.

The BJP has given the state a balanced and a delivering government with almost no communal riots. The inter-caste incidences which occurred, are not the perpetrated by the state but by the people who transgress the bounds of the law.

Also, RaGa is, unbelievably Modi-fying himself and the split Congress bastion is Gujarat may not be a plausible alternative. The scamsters they after-all are. Thus they do not need another chance to prove us right.


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