Tendulkar believes Virat Kohli’s aggression has become India's Strength

Virat Kohli is a role model for the youth, he is an inspiration and a role model for the youth today. With the passage of time, we have seen him grow, his consistency and his leadership abilities. Other than his all plus points, Virat Kohli is also known for his aggression, and according to Sachin Tendulkar believes it has helped the current Indian cricket team.
Sachin Tendulkar Indian batting legend believes that skipper Virat Kohli’s aggressive attitude and consistent performances have changed the players in the Indian dressing room for good. A positivity, a transformation or a dedication for playing well.
“Virat Kohli hasn’t changed much since he got into the team, but people around him have changed. And only because of his performances and consistency his attitude has changed.”

Tendulkar speaking an event in the city said that “Virat have a spark, I noticed that spark and aggression in him, something which many guys were not fond of to be very honest. And there were many guys who were criticizing him for that. And today that has become the strength of the Indian team,”  Despite all his anger, he is still very fascinating what one can discover when there is a blend of knowledge and sensibilities of a third man’s perspective about the emergent idol.

On Sunday, Kohli notched up his 31st hundred in his 200th ODI against New Zealand, albeit in a losing cause. It is something which is reflected in the team’s dominant performances, according to Tendulkar.

Tendulkar further added that “I think it is extremely crucial for a player to have that freedom to express himself in the middle. And to the very peak, some of these guys need to be given the freedom as long as they don’t cross the line because it brings the best out of them. ” So as per him, a player must be allowed some freedom to express himself on the pitch in order to bring out his best.

Expressing his satisfaction Tendulkar said, “I feel that today we have got great balance in the team, with a lot of spinners and seamers that can bat.”  Tendulkar went further saying that Bhuneshwar Kumar’s performance against New Zealand on Sunday is an example for others, as it was a very good hit.

Tendulkar also talked about Bhuneshwar Kumar “Bhuneshwar (Kumar) also played well yesterday. People like him and Hardik Pandya are going to change the balance of the team when we start traveling, I just felt that we were occasionally missing that guy earlier; someone who could come and give some rest to the main bowlers,” he added.

Tendulkar said “The present Indian team is a lot more balanced as a unit.”

On Monday, during the launch of “Democracy’s XI: The Great Indian Cricket Story” penned by journalist Rajdeep Sardesai at the Royal Opera House here on MondayTendulkar and legendary batsman Sunil Gavaskar were interacting with Harsha Bhogle. Gavaskar, meanwhile, recalled memories of Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi and heaped praise on former India captain Kapil Dev and Ajit Wadekar for their leadership abilities.


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