Delhi: 5th murder in 3 days, Woman shot Dead in front of 2-year-old Son and Husband


Delhi India’s capital is facing more crimes, Delhi is India’s biggest megacity, It will not be wrong if we quest to claim the title as the country’s capital as a crime capital. The city is looked up as the most unsafe place for people especially women. Delhi for sure holds a very significant position in the political map of India and this is one of the major reasons why Delhi holds the more number of crimes.

Crimes in Delhi are no more limited to scattered incidents caused by outsiders; instead, it is more about the city’s deteriorating moral values and loose laws. 2017 is about to end and Delhi holds the highest number of criminal records. Delhi the last three days witnessed five murders in different parts.

The incidents of shooting were reported mainly from three areas:

  • Shalimar Bagh
  • Krishna Nagar
  • New Usmanpur

On Tuesday night the incident took place when they were returning from a Gurudwara, Priya was a housewife, while Pankaj is a Paharganj-based businessman. Priya Mehra was dead in Shalimar Bagh, in front of his husband Pankaj Mehra and two-year-old son.

As while returning back the family was commuting in a car, At that time another speeding car overtook them.  And from the car-borne, they held out a gun and attempted to fire at Pankaj, But both Pankaj and the infant escaped, while Priya died.

As per the doctor reports, Priya suffered severe bullet injuries. After the incident, Priya was admitted to the nearest hospital, where she was declared dead by the doctors. Priya’s family both the hospital authorities and police for the negligence as because the hospital denied them treatment saying that they will act on the arrival of the police.

The family also said that police were not registering their case citing jurisdiction which also resulted in the further delay in treatment.

Another similar incident took place in north Delhi’s New Usmanpur and Krishna Nagar area of Shahdara on Monday, two men were shot dead in separate incidents by unidentified bike-borne men.

23-year-old Rohit Pal was shot in the head and the stomach in New Usmanpur, the police said, that he was Pal has criminal records, which includes theft and extortion. As per the Locals alleged Pal was killed due to a falling out of a gang war.

A 41-year-old Jafar was shot outside his scrap shop in Krishna Nagar, from the spot where Jafar was shot eight empty bullet shell casings were found.

Same on Sunday, in Brahmpuri a man identified as Wazid was shot dead while his friend injured and in another incident reported from nearby Brahmpuri, a 22-year-old man Aarif Khan died on the spot when he was shot for the multiple times.

So there is a handful of recent incidents that took place in the crime capital of India… keeping those things aside people can ever forget cases like ‘Model Jessica Lal murder, Nirbhaya case’ and ‘Nithari mass killing’!


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